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Organic tea - BULK 有機茶葉
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Organic Earl Grey from Sri Lanka 有機格雷伯爵茶(斯里蘭卡) Organic Darjeeling from India 有機大吉嶺茶 (印度) Organic Damascus Rose from Morocco 有機大馬士革玫瑰(摩洛哥) Organic Rooibos from South Africa (Aids sleep and skin disease and allergies, reduces fat accumulation, aids bowel movement and detox, safeguards heart health; suitable for people concerned with blood sugar levels,...
Taboocha 大杯茶
TABOOCHA IS YOUR LOCAL KOMBUCHA BREWED AND BOTTLED IN HK.  Taboocha handcrafts its kombucha in small batches, using organic Chinese tea and organic raw cane sugar Upon initial fermentation of 1-2 weeks, cold pressed juices, fresh spices and herbs are added to create fun and unique flavor blends. What is Kombucha ? ...
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Silicone Tea Bag 可重用矽膠隔茶包
Material: Food Grade SiliconeHeight: 6.6cm ( tea bag part only, length of the tag is 12cm )Width: 4.2cmWeight: 16g5 Colours: Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple (From left to right)      
Silicone Butterfly Tea Infuser 可重用蝴碟矽膠茶包
Material: Food Grade SiliconeLength: 6cm (not include butterfly tag part) Length of the  butterfly tag: 9.5cm Width: 5.5cmWeight: 12g6 Colours: Pink, Yellow, Mint Green, Blue, Purple, Grey (From left to right)      | 杯邊夾子設計 輕鬆固定茶包  |    | Clip Design, Fix the Tea Bag | 
La Parisienne - Authentic French Beer 正宗法國啤酒
An authentic French beer, brewed and bottled in Paris La Parisienne is a professional craft brewery, 100% made in Paris, France. Handmade craft beers of the highest quality in small lots, using only the best ingredients and following the strictest standards. 在巴黎釀製並裝瓶的正宗法國啤酒!La Parisienne是一家專業手工啤酒廠,100%在法國巴黎製造。La Parisienne 只使用最好的原料,遵循最嚴格的標準,以小批量製手工啤酒,保證質量。 33 cl - Alc. 6%...
Glass Tube Infuser 玻璃茶隔試管 with brush
Material: Borosilicate glass, log, silicone Length: Overall product length is about 13.3cm              Glass tube part is about 9.2cm               Outer diameter is about 2cmUse: Pull out the cork, put in your favourite tea. Put the glass tube directly into hot water without the cork. After...
Blonde of Saint Tropez Beer 啤酒
Brewed in a 130-year-old oak barrel under the supervision of a master brewer in a Belgian micro-brewery, La Brasserie des Légendes, tucked away in the heart of a 13th century fortress, the Blonde of Saint-Tropez is a natural and fresh beer of undeniable sophistication. The unique recipe was developed by...

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