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Blonde of Saint Tropez Beer 啤酒

Blonde of Saint Tropez Beer 啤酒

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Drinks - beers
French Concept

Brewed in a 130-year-old oak barrel under the supervision of a master brewer in a Belgian micro-brewery, La Brasserie des Légendes, tucked away in the heart of a 13th century fortress, the Blonde of Saint-Tropez is a natural and fresh beer of undeniable sophistication.

The unique recipe was developed by Sonia Collin, a celebrated beer engineer from the University of Louvain in Belgium, the home of beer innovation, tradition, and evolution. From the 130-year-old oak barrel, the wort is transferred and heated whilst different varieties of hops are added at controlled temperatures. The beer is then cooled to between 23°C and 25ºC in fermentation and decantation tanks. Aided further by fresh yeast in the bottle, a second fermentation occurs once it is encapsulated, resulting in a 100% naturally sparkling beer.

The secret to its enhanced bouquet of floral hints, mentions of tangerines, subtle traces of muscat and lime zest, and unique colour? High-quality European barley malt, three exceptional hop varieties, mineral-rich water, and two months of fermentation!  

在比利時一座十三世紀的堡壘中,有一家名為La Brasserie des Légendes的小型釀酒廠。在釀酒大師監督下,高質、精美、天然的Blonde of Saint-Tropez啤酒就在130年歷史的橡木桶中誕生。 

獨特的配方由比利時魯汶大學著名的啤酒師Sonia Collin開發,麥芽汁從橡木桶轉移並加熱過程中,會在溫控的情況下加入不同種類的啤酒花,然後會在溫度約23°C至25ºC的發酵容器中待冷卻。接著,會加入新鮮酵母為啤酒進行第二次發酵,釀製出100%天然的啤酒。 

給予Blonde of Saint-Tropez啤酒獨特的花香,淡淡的橘子、香印青提子和青檸皮味道,及一身金黃色的,是優質歐洲大麥芽,三種特殊的啤酒花品種,純淨水,及長達兩個月的釀造過程。

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