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Fils de Pomme - Organic Cider from France - 法國有機天然蘋果酒

Fils de Pomme - Organic Cider from France - 法國有機天然蘋果酒

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Drinks - ciders
French Concept

A 100% natural, organic, gluten-free apple cider made with zero added sugar, preservatives, or artificial products, drawing inspiration from 17th century French sailors, who toasted at sea with cider for pleasure as well as for strength to face the storms. 

The adventure of Fils de Pomme (sons of apples) started with two friends: Théo, who came from a long line of naval officers of the French Navy dating back to 1780, also a traditional cider-making family since the end of the 19th century; and Valentin, a lover of cider since the first of many summers spent at his grandparents’ in Brittany, where he had a taste of the cider made by the small family production, sourcing from the orchard.

Fils de Pomme’s French botanical cider is the result of more than one year of research and development with a cellar master, pure juice from 100% natural and organic apples, and zero additives. The result is a unique cider that is subtle, refreshing, and less sweet. 

A proud Parisian creation, made in the Vexin Normand, less than 100km away from Paris.  


Fils de Pomme(蘋果之子)的成立,源於兩位好友——來自十七世紀海軍家族,及自十九世紀開始製造蘋果酒的家族的Théo;和自小時每年夏天到祖父母於布列塔尼家庭式製的蘋果酒後,便瘋狂戀上蘋果酒的Valentin。 

經過一年多的研發後,Fils de Pomme創造出100%全天然、有機、不含任何添加成分的蘋果酒,酒味淡雅、清新。 

Fils de Pomme蘋果酒於距巴黎100公里外的Vexin Normand製造。

Gluten-freeNaturally gluten freeNo G.M.Oorganic

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