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Glass Tube Infuser 玻璃茶隔試管 with brush

Glass Tube Infuser 玻璃茶隔試管 with brush

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Drinks - tea accessories
Material: Borosilicate glass, log, silicone
Length: Overall product length is about 13.3cm
              Glass tube part is about 9.2cm 
              Outer diameter is about 2cm
Use: Pull out the cork, put in your favourite tea. Put the glass tube directly into hot water without the cork. After the tea is saturated with the water, plug the cork again. When the tea is brewing, you can speed up the process by shaking the glass tube gently. Enjoy tea time!
物料: 耐熱玻璃, 原木,矽膠
長度: 茶隔總長度約13.3cm
���用說明: 先拔出木塞,���入你喜歡的茶葉,不帶木塞把試管直接泡入熱水中,讓水和茶葉充分接觸後,再塞回木塞。泡浸時可以輕輕晃動試管,加快茶浸透的速度。泡好後,一杯美味的茶可以直接享用!




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