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Shiitake mushroom from Taiwan 冷凍乾燥香菇(台灣進口)
Original Mushroom Ingredients: Fresh mushroom, fructose (tapioca), salt, white pepper powder, palm oil, monosodium L-glutamate Wasabi Mushroom Ingredients:  Fresh mushroom, fructose(tapioca), salt, white pepper powder, vegetable oil (soybean oil, palm oil) , monosodium L-glutamate, starch sodium octenyl succinate, mustard flavour, maltodextrin, green pigment(gardenia blue pigment, safflower yellow pigment) 原味香菇成分:新鮮香菇,果糖(木薯),鹽,白胡椒粉,棕櫚油,味精芥末香菇成分:新鮮的香菇,果糖(木薯),鹽,白胡椒粉,植物油(大豆油,棕櫚油),味精,辛烯基琥珀酸澱粉鈉,芥末香料,麥芽糖糊精,綠色顏料(梔子藍色素,紅花黃色素)
Mixed Vegetable Chips from Taiwan 冷凍蔬菜片(台灣進口)
Ingredients:  Fresh vegetable (green radish, carrot, taro, sweet potato, purple sweet potato, green beans), fructose (tapioca), salt, white pepper powder, palm oil, curry powder, monosodium L-glutamate 成分:新鮮蔬菜(青蘿蔔,胡蘿蔔,芋頭,番薯,紫薯,青豆),果糖(木薯),鹽,白胡椒粉,棕櫚油,咖哩粉,味精
Okra chips from Taiwan 冷凍乾燥秋葵乾(台灣)
Prevents constipation, bad breath, and acne while relieving sore throat. Good for skin health maintenance, speeds up recovery from gastritis, gastric ulcer, and wounds. Original Okra Ingredient: Fresh okra, fructose(tapioca), salt, white pepper powder, palm oil, monosodium L-glutamate Wasabi Okra Ingredient: Fresh okra, fructose(tapioca), palm oil, salt, white pepper powder,...
Oyster mushroom chips from Taiwan 有機冷凍乾燥秀珍菇
Ingredients:  Fresh oyster mushroom, fructose(tapioca), salt, white pepper powder, coconut powder, palm oil, monosodium L-glutamate 成分:新鮮秀珍菇,果糖(木薯),鹽,胡椒粉,椰子粉,棕櫚油,味精
Mix & Match Sweet Freeze Dried Chips from Taiwan 冷凍乾燥雜錦水果片(台灣進口)
Fresh fruits (apple, jackfruit, pineapple, star fruit, banana), fructose (tapioca), palm oil 新鮮水果(蘋果,大樹菠蘿,菠蘿,楊桃,香蕉),果糖(木薯),棕櫚油
Green Radish chips from Taiwan 冷凍乾燥青蘿蔔片(台灣)
Ingredients:  Fresh green radish, fructose(tapioca), salt, white pepper powder, vegetable oil (soyabean oil, palm oil), monosodium L-glutamate 成分:新鮮青蘿蔔,果糖(木薯),鹽,白胡椒粉,植物油(大豆油,棕櫚油),味精
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Burdock chips from Taiwan 冷凍乾燥牛蒡片(台灣)
Ingredients: Fresh burdock, fructose(tapioca), salt, white pepper powder, vegetable oil (soyabean oil, palm oil) Burdock root has been valued across continents for thousands of years for its ability to purify blood and cool internal heat. Internally and externally, it has potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects on the human body. Blood Purifier; Lymphatic System...
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Natural Dried Pineapple from Costa Rica 天然菠蘿乾(哥斯達黎加進口)
Ingredients: pineapple. Approximately 8-20 grams per piece - Around 6-10 pieces per 100 grams  成分:菠蘿 每件約8-20克,每100克約6-10件  
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Organic dried Mango from Ivory Coast (West Africa) 有機芒果乾(西非進口)
Ingredient: Mango Approximately 2 grams per piece - Around 50 pieces per 100 grams  成分:芒果 每件約12克,每100克約50件
Nougat (Natural) from Holland 天然鳥結糖(荷蘭進口)
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Nougat with Almond: Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup,almonds (15%),  vegetable fats (palm, coconut), water, egg white powder, natural flavouring. May contain traces of soya, milk, peanuts and nuts. Nougat Caramel Fondant Cappuccino: Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, vegetable fats (palm, coconut), water, skimmed milk powder, salt, natural coffee flavouring, emulsifier (soya lecithin). May contain traces of...
Organic gojiberry coated with black chocolate 有機黑巧克力杞子
dark chocolate * ① (cocoa: 57% min), goji berries *, acacia gum *. * Ingredients from organic farming ① Ingredients from Fair Trade ESR 黑巧克力*①(可可:最少57%),枸杞*,阿拉伯膠**有機農業產品①公平貿易成分
Organic Lollipop from France - Caramel, Cola, Orange, Lemon, Raspberry 法國有機棒棒糖 - 焦糖,青檸,橙,檸檬,覆盆子
color of package: Transparent: Cola Purple: Raspberry Green: Caramel Yellow: Lemon Orange: Orange 包裝顏色:透明:可樂紫色:山莓(覆盆子)綠色:焦糖黃色:檸檬橙色:橙
Natural Dried Pear from South Africa 天然梨子乾(南非進口)
Ingredient : Pear Approximately 17 grams per piece - Around 6/7 pieces per 100 grams  成分:梨子 每件約17克,每100克約6/7件
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Natural Dried Peach from South Africa 天然桃乾(南非進口)
Ingredient: Peach Approximately 25 grams per piece - Around 5/6 pieces per 100 grams  成分:桃子 每件約25克,每100克約5/6件
Ginger crystallised - from Thailand 薑糖(泰國進口)
Ingredients: Ginger, Sugar, Sulphur Dioxide 成分:生薑,糖,二氧化硫

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