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Enjoy a zero-waste plastic-free shopping experience at our store :)


Stainless Steel Straw 不銹鋼飲管
From $19.00
Material: 304 / 316 Stainless SteelModel: 6mm Straw: Straight (Short / Long), Curved (Short / Long)8mm Straw: Straight, Curved12mm Bubble Tea Straw: Straight 物料: 304 / 316 不銹鋼規格: 6mm飲管: 直款(長 / 短),彎款(長 / 短)8mm飲管: 直款,彎款12mm 珍珠奶茶飲管: 直款
Sold Out
Beeswax Cloth 蜜蠟布
From $48.00
Possibly the most eco-friendly beeswax wrap with the lowest carbon footprints in Hong Kong, Beeswax Cloth is made with cotton cloth and beeswax sourced locally, and lovingly made locally by an eco-conscious local artisan, Kimi Lam, who could no longer confront our plastic pollution without doing anything about it.  ...
Humble Brush 竹製牙刷
From $35.00
The Humble Co.The Humble Co. develops eco-friendly & socially responsible healthcare products. Humble products and the bamboo toothbrush gives back to children in need. 瑞典 Humble Brush 竹牙刷是促進環境及社會持續性的牙刷,為有需要兒童的項目提供援助。   Humble Brush – the world’s most sold bamboo toothbrush for adults. Humble Brush has a handle made from 100% biodegradable, sustainably-grown bamboo. The bristles are made of nylon-6...
Colour Straws - 6mm Straight Stainless Steel Straw 有色直不銹鋼飲管(6毫米)
Material: 304 Stainless SteelLength: 21.4cmWeight: 14.2g4 Colours: Rose Gold, Gold Plate, Black  物料:304不銹鋼長度:21.4厘米重量:14.2克4種顏色:玫瑰金,鍍金,黑色
Cat Coffee spoon 貓貓咖啡勺
Let these stainless steel cat stirrers help you refuse single-use plastic stirrers! 拒絕一次性塑膠製品,改用不銹鋼貓貓咖啡勺,支持環保!
Color Straws - 6mm Curved Stainless Steel Straw 有色彎曲不銹鋼飲管(6毫米)
Material: 304 Stainless SteelLength: 20.5cmWeight: 13.9g Colours: Gold, Rose Gold, Black 物料:304不銹鋼長度:20.5厘米重量:13.9克顏色:黃金,玫瑰金,黑色 | Non-Slip Design 螺紋防滑設計 |    
Colour Straws - 12mm Straight Stainless Steel Straw 有色直不銹鋼飲管(12毫米)
Material: 304 Stainless Steel Length: 21.4cm Colour: Rose Gold, Gold Plate, Black, Iridescent, Blue 物料:304不銹鋼長度:21.4厘米顏色:玫瑰金,鍍金,黑色 ,彩色,藍色
Beeswax Wraps by The Chief Project The Chief Project蜜蠟布
From $55.00
100% made in Hong Kong 100% 本地製造 100% cotton and biodegradable100% 棉布及可生物降解 100% upcycled from discarded quality fabric 100% 從廢棄布材製造 Learn more about The Chief Project here.  按此瀏覽The Chief Project的品牌故事。  
Portable Tableware Box Set 便攜式餐具套裝
Stainless steel chopsticks, spoon, fork, straw and brush.不銹鋼筷子,勺子,叉子,飲管和刷子 A perfect set to replace disposable plastic cutlery for any meal out of home. One set contains : 1 Pair of Chopsticks: 21 cm1 x Spoon: 20.5 cm x 4 cm1 x Fork : 20.5 cm x 2.5 cm1 x Straw: 21.5 cm...
Straight Silicone Straw
24.2mm long10mm diameter
Colour Straws - 8mm Curved Stainless Steel Straw 有色彎曲不銹鋼飲管(8毫米)
Material: 304 Stainless SteelLength: 20.5cmColour: Rose Gold, Gold, Black 物料:304不銹鋼長度:20.5厘米顏色:玫瑰金,金色,黑色

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