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Beeswax Cloth (4 Sizes) 蜜蠟布 (四款尺寸)
Beeswax Cloth (4 Sizes) 蜜蠟布 (四款尺寸)

Beeswax Cloth (4 Sizes) 蜜蠟布 (四款尺寸)

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Zerowaste - containers

Possibly the most eco-friendly beeswax wrap with the lowest carbon footprints in Hong Kong, Beeswax Cloth is made with cotton cloth and beeswax sourced locally, and lovingly made locally by an eco-conscious local artisan, Kimi Lam, who could no longer confront our plastic pollution without doing anything about it.  

由本地環保鬥士 Kimi Lam 親自到布攤買棉布、向本地蜂場買蜜蠟手製而成的「蜜蠟布 Beeswax Cloth」,可能是全香港最低碳、最環保的蜜蠟布! 


More than just a food wrap! 

A huge part of zero-waste living is about creativity.
By all means extend that to the ways you make use of the beeswax wrap! Fold the extra large Beeswax Cloth into a cone to save the single-use plastic bag from the fishmonger, or fold any size of the Beeswax Cloth into a cup for your street snacks!

As patterns comes and goes, we always have different style to offer.
When you order online, we will contact you by whatsapp or email with photos of the patterns available at the time of your order for you to choose :)
If you want to go random please notify it in the comment box.

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