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La Parisienne - Authentic French Beer 正宗法國啤酒
An authentic French beer, brewed and bottled in Paris La Parisienne is a professional craft brewery, 100% made in Paris, France. Handmade craft beers of the highest quality in small lots, using only the best ingredients and following the strictest standards. 在巴黎釀製並裝瓶的正宗法國啤酒!La Parisienne是一家專業手工啤酒廠,100%在法國巴黎製造。La Parisienne 只使用最好的原料,遵循最嚴格的標準,以小批量製手工啤酒,保證質量。 33 cl - Alc. 6%...
Organic almond coated with dark chocolate 有機黑巧克力杏仁
dark chocolate * ① (cocoa: 74% min), whole roasted almonds *, acacia gum *. * Ingredients from organic farming ① Ingredients from Fair Trade ESR 黑巧克力*①(可可:最少74%),烤全杏仁*,阿拉伯樹膠**有機農業產品①公平貿易成分
Organic almond from Italy
Organic almond from Italy
Certified Organic by Ecocert. NO G.M.O. 有機認證,不含基因改造成分 Energy 熱量 (Kcal 千卡) 576 Kcal 千卡 Protein 蛋白質 21g 克 Total Fat 脂肪總量 49g 克  - Saturated fat  飽和脂肪 3.7g 克  - Trans fat 反式脂肪 0g 克 Total Carbohydrates 碳水化合物總量 22g 克  - of which sugar 當中糖含量 3.9g 克 Fiber 纖維: 12g 克 Sodium 鈉: 1mg...
Organic biscuit roll with raspberry jam 有機覆盆子果醬餅卷
sable * (wheat flour T65 *, icing sugar * (blond cane sugar *, potato starch *), egg *, butter *, vegetable margarine * (non-hydrogenated palm oil *, palm stearin *, deodorized * sunflower oil, water, sunflower lecithin, salt, citric acid)), raspberry fodder * (18%) (blond cane sugar *, raspberry *...
Organic blown corn coated with milk chocolate 有機牛奶巧克力爆谷
milk chocolate * ①, popcorn * honey *, acacia gum *. * Ingredients from organic farming ① Ingredients from Fair Trade ESR 牛奶巧克力*①,爆谷*,蜂蜜*,阿拉伯膠**有機農業產品①公平貿易成分
Organic Chocolate Cookies from France 有機巧克力曲奇(法國進口)
  Flour T65 *, Chocolate chips 2*, Red sugar cane 1*, Vegetable margarine *, Butter *, Egg *, Cocoa powder 2*, Whole milk powder *, Sodium bicarbonate, Unrefined sea salt . 麵粉T65 *,巧克力片2 *,紅甘蔗1 *,植物人造牛油*,牛油*,雞蛋*,可可粉2 *,全脂奶粉*,碳酸氫鈉,未精製海鹽 *Ingredients from organic farming ① Fair trade ingredients ESR ② Fair trade ingredients *成分來自有機耕種①公平貿易成分ESR②公平貿易成分...
Organic chocolate Lemon donut (Gluten free, fair trade)from France
Ingredients: black chocolate (33%) ( mass cocoa, blond cane sugar , cocoa butter , vanilla powder), whole rice flour, sugar cane , butter, egg, deodorised sunflower oil , corn syrup, lemon essential oil (0.2% baking powder: sodium bicarbonate , unrefined selmarin.   Net weight per piece: 39g
Organic Cranberry coated with dark chocolate 有機黑巧克力蔓越莓
dark chocolate * ① (cocoa: 57% min), dried cranberries *, acacia gum **Ingredients from organic farming ① Ingredients from Fair Trade ESR 黑��克力*①(可可:最少57%),蔓越莓乾*,阿拉伯樹膠**有機農業產品①公平貿易成分
Organic Dried Apricot from Turkey 有機杏脯乾(土耳其進口)
Ingredient: Apricot Approximately 14 grams per piece - Around 7/8 pieces per 100 grams  成分:杏脯每件約14克,每100克約7/8件 Our apricots color can change to a darker orange as they do not have sulphuric preservative. 
Organic farfalle Color Trio from Italy 有機三色蝴蝶粉(義大利)
Ingredients :  Durum Wheat semolina, water, organic tomato powder, organic spinach powder. From Italy Durum is the hardest of all wheat and has a higher protein and gluten content than other types of wheat, states the Wheat Foods Council. When durum wheat is milled, its endosperm is ground up into a...
Organic hazelnut biscuits coated with milk chocolate from France -GLUTEN FREE 有機無麩質牛奶巧克力榛子餅乾(法國進口)
Ingredients Milk chocolate * ①, whole rice flour *, cane sugar *, butter *, egg *, sunflower oil *, toasted hazelnuts *, raisins sultanine *, corn syrup *, sodium bicarbonate , unrefined sea salt. * Ingredients from organic farming ① Fair trade ingredients ESR Net weight per piece: 38g 成分:牛奶巧克力*①,全米粉*,甘蔗糖*,黃油*,雞蛋*,葵花籽油*,烤榛子*,葡萄乾*,玉米糖漿*,碳酸氫鈉,未精製的海鹽*有機農業產品①公平貿易成分
Organic hazelnut coated with milk chocolate 有機牛奶巧克力榛子
*Milk chocolate, blanched toasted hazelnuts *, acacia gum *. * Ingredients from organic farming ① Ingredients from Fair Trade ESR *牛奶巧克力,烤焦榛子*,阿拉伯樹膠**有機農業產品①公平貿易成分
Organic Honey Ball from France
Ingredients: Corn (69.4%)*, unrefined cane sugar*, honey* (4%)* Ingredients from organic farming.
Organic Lollipop from France - Caramel, Cola, Orange, Lemon, Raspberry 法國有機棒棒糖 - 焦糖, 青檸, 橙, 檸檬, 覆盆子
The 1st sugar lollipops made from fair trade sugar (origin: Paraguay), free-from Citric Acid and 100% organic including natural aromas. Our lollipops are wrapped using Cellophane, not plastic. Cellophane is 100% bio-degradable. Colour of package: Transparent: Cola Purple: Raspberry Green: Caramel Yellow: Lemon Orange: Orange 包裝顏色:透明:可樂紫色:山莓(覆盆子)綠色:焦糖黃色:檸檬橙色:橙

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