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Bin 3 - Organic Gluten Free Fusili 有機無麩質螺絲粉
Ingredients: corn flour *, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin. * ORGANIC May contain traces of eggs. 成分:玉米粉*、乳化劑﹕向日葵卵磷脂 *有機;或殘留微量雞蛋
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Burdock chips from Taiwan 冷凍乾燥牛蒡片(台灣)
Ingredients: Fresh burdock, fructose(tapioca), salt, white pepper powder, vegetable oil (soyabean oil, palm oil) Burdock root has been valued across continents for thousands of years for its ability to purify blood and cool internal heat. Internally and externally, it has potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects on the human body. Blood Purifier; Lymphatic System...
Fils de Pomme - Organic Cider from France - 法國有機天然蘋果酒
A 100% natural, organic, gluten-free apple cider made with zero added sugar, preservatives, or artificial products, drawing inspiration from 17th century French sailors, who toasted at sea with cider for pleasure as well as for strength to face the storms.  The adventure of Fils de Pomme (sons of apples) started...
Karine & Jeff - Organic Soup from France 有機湯(法國進口)
From $45.00
About Karine & Jeff From the choice, we do everything to guarantee the quality of our recipes as the respect of nature of people. Organic Italian Soup - 1L 有機意式湯 (Contains Fresh cream [Milk]) Sweet and exquisite flavors ... A feeling of comfort and surprise at the same time ... Taste the...
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Lotus seeds from Taiwan 蓮子乾(台灣進口)
Rich in anti-ageing, inflammation-prevention properties, the lotus seed is also a powerful food that maintains kidney health, nourishes the spleen, treats insomnia, lowers blood pressure, promotes relaxation and therefore better sleep, as well as maintaining cardiovascular health with its high content in magnesium.  蓮子有助抗衰老,抗炎,也是保持腎臟健康,滋養脾臟的好伴侶!同時,蓮子亦能減少失眠,降低血壓,促進放鬆,從而改善睡眠,而因它含高含量的鎂,也能維持心血管健康。
Mixed Sweet Freeze Dried Chips from Taiwan 冷凍乾燥雜錦水果片(台灣進口)
Fresh fruits (apple, jackfruit, pineapple, star fruit, banana), fructose (tapioca), palm oil 新鮮水果(蘋果,大樹菠蘿,菠蘿,楊桃,香蕉),果糖(木薯),棕櫚油
Mixed Vegetable Chips from Taiwan 冷凍蔬菜片(台灣進口)
Ingredients:  Fresh vegetable (green radish, carrot, taro, sweet potato, purple sweet potato, green beans), fructose (tapioca), salt, white pepper powder, palm oil, curry powder, monosodium L-glutamate 成分:新鮮蔬菜(青蘿蔔,胡蘿蔔,芋頭,番薯,紫薯,青豆),果糖(木薯),鹽,白胡椒粉,棕櫚油,咖哩粉,味精
Okra chips from Taiwan 冷凍乾燥秋葵乾(台灣)
Prevents constipation, bad breath, and acne while relieving sore throat. Good for skin health maintenance, speeds up recovery from gastritis, gastric ulcer, and wounds. Original Okra Ingredient: Fresh okra, fructose(tapioca), salt, white pepper powder, palm oil, monosodium L-glutamate Wasabi Okra Ingredient: Fresh okra, fructose(tapioca), palm oil, salt, white pepper powder,...
Organic almond coated with dark chocolate 有機黑巧克力杏仁
dark chocolate * ① (cocoa: 74% min), whole roasted almonds *, acacia gum *. * Ingredients from organic farming ① Ingredients from Fair Trade ESR 黑巧克力*①(可可:最少74%),烤全杏仁*,阿拉伯樹膠**有機農業產品①公平貿易成分
Organic Banana Crisps from Philippines
Our Banana Crisps can be munched like little chips. Get surprised by their lightly sweet taste. Organic Certification : Europe - AB France
Organic blown corn coated with milk chocolate 有機牛奶巧克力爆谷
milk chocolate * ①, popcorn * honey *, acacia gum *. * Ingredients from organic farming ① Ingredients from Fair Trade ESR 牛奶巧克力*①,爆谷*,蜂蜜*,阿拉伯膠**有機農業產品①公平貿易成分
Organic Bractee Linden Flower Tea from France 有機菩提樹花茶(法國)
Organic Bractee Linden Flower Tea from France 有機菩提樹花茶(法國) Better sleep, avoid over-consumption. 鎮靜安睡 *避免過度食用*
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Organic Calendula Flower Tea from Moldova 有機萬壽菊花茶(摩爾多瓦)
Organic Calendula Flower Tea from Moldova 有機萬壽菊花茶(摩爾多瓦,位於羅馬尼亞)   Skin-healing, anti-inflammatory A gentle herb for humans and animals Make natural skin toner or spray on areas with rashes, itches, acne Make spray for itchy scalp Make antiseptic mouth rinse for blisters

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