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Bamboo YOGA small Bottle 細竹製水樽
Made from natural and sustainably sourced bamboo from Vietnam以天然及以永續方式採摘的竹子製成 Handmade in local villages in Vietnam在越南村落以人手製造 Each bottle is unique in size, look and colour每個竹水樽都有獨特的大小、外型和顏色 Comes with a black silicone lid 配有黑色矽膠蓋 Additional lids can be purchased in red, blue and green for the small and large YOGA bottles可為YOGA大小水樽另購藍、紅、綠色樽蓋 Coated with a food and water resistant coating防腐及防水塗層...
Lamazuna - Cleansing Wipes 10pcs Paper Pack 法國天然可洗滌潔面布
Replace your single-use cotton wipes with these washable wipes, made with ultra-soft and absorbent microfibres! These washable, absorbent wipes will leave zero trace of makeup on your face, using only water, and can be washed and reused for over 300 times.  There are 10 pieces of washable wipes per pack. The...
Lamazuna - Solid Vegan Shaving Bar for Normal Skin 法國天然純素剃鬚皂(適合一般皮膚)
Handmade in France with organic and fair-trade shea butter, this organic shaving bar is perfect for both men and women. Sulphate-free, with a fragrance of green tea and lemon, the shaving bar comes with a biodegradable packaging, and can be used for face, legs and armpits. 於法國以有機及公平貿易乳木果油手造的Lamazuna 天然純素剃鬚皂,適合男女使用,並可用於面部、腳部及腋下。不含硫酸鹽,帶微微綠茶及檸檬香,這剃鬚皂的包裝可生物降解。 How to...
Pluvial Water Filter - Counter Top Model - Natural Filtered Mineralised Water
Suitable for any small footprint table, bench or bedside table, this portable water filter will ensure you never run out of easy to access, great tasting water wherever you are. Suitable for vacation homes, houses on tank water supply and  anywhere you have a concern about the quality or taste...

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