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Up-cycled Sari Bag
Up-cycled Sari Bag
Made from up-Cycled Saris from Nepal
The Chief Project - Upcycled Bag
  The Chief Project's mission is simple: to create a Hong Kong with zero waste. While understanding that sending zero waste to the city's landfills is almost impossible, The Chief Project nonetheless endeavours to tackle the second-largest waste category in Hong Kong: tissue paper, which accounts for 7% of daily waste,...
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Superette - your 3-in-1 Zero-Waste Grocery Kit by Kambodja
Definition : Superette - noun - [soo-puh-ret] - a grocery store with some of the self-service features of a supermarket. Superette, from Kambodja, is a raw handwoven cotton bag set always ready for your grocery shopping. Compactly tucked in, your two produce bags and their matching shopping bag will always be with you for any shopping spree. On top of shopping...
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Bamboo Bottle Carry-bag Not Just Bamboo竹水樽孭袋
We are glad to introduce a bottle carry bag with an adjustable shoulder strap. The bag is suitable for all the bamboo bottle designs.  The bags are handmade by this lovely lady and her team in organic Vietnamese cotton in a rural Vietnamese village supporting the local community. 這款孭袋可調較肩帶,方便攜���Not Just Bamboo不同大小的自家竹製水樽。���袋由這位女士及她的團隊,在���南村落以有機棉製造,帶動當地可持續經濟。
True Nature - Upcycle Sofa Bag
Made from up-cycled fabrics saved from Sofa cuts (new) and The Chief Project.     True Nature Fashion speaks for nature lovers to express their sustainable lifestyle through using bags made of upcycled materials such as sofa cloth and dress cuts. Products are 100% biodegradable. 
Tote Bag No Plastic MM Goi !!
The message is simple: NO PLASTIC MM GOI! Do your part to help eliminate single-use plastic bags, and let’s work together to reduce the amount of plastic reaching our landfills and oceans.    ~ Responsibly-sourced 100% cotton canvas  ~ Biodegradable  ~ Supported hard base and wide handles to carry heavy loads! Dimensions: 440 x 330...

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