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Organic Pineapple from Togo
Certified organic by Ecocert.
Organic Dried Apricot from Turkey 有機杏脯乾(土耳其進口)
Ingredient: Apricot Approximately 14 grams per piece - Around 7/8 pieces per 100 grams  成分:杏脯每件約14克,每100克約7/8件 Our apricots color can change to a darker orange as they do not have sulphuric preservative. 
Organic Figs Dry Protoben from Turkey
  Ingredients : Fig No added Sugar - No preservatives Energy   1241 KJ / 294 KCal Protein Total Fat: 2.6 g  - Saturated fat 0.3 g  - Trans fat 0 g Carbohydrates 58 g  - of which sugar 52 g Fibre 1.2 g Salt 0.2 g   Organic Certification :...
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Super Fruits Mix
White Mulberry, Cranberry, Gojiberry
Organic Banana Crisps from Philippines
Our Banana Crisps can be munched like little chips. Get surprised by their lightly sweet taste. Organic Certification : Europe - AB France
Organic Prune from France
Organic Prune from France
Organic Dates Extra Fancy Medjool
Organic Dates Extra Fancy Medjool from California, U.S.A Cerified by Ecocert   Matières grasses 0.1g dont acides gras saturés 0.075g Glucides 69g dont sucres 64.7g Fibres alimentaires 7.1g Protéines 2.5g Sel 0.09g
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Organic Dried Strawberry from Turkey
70% Strawberries, 29% Apple Juice, 1% Sunflower Seed Oil
Organic Blueberry from Canada
Our Blueberries come from Canada and are part of the angustifolium genus. After being picked and dried, their are infused in an apple juice to soften them, No added sugar. Cerified by Ecocert Blueberries* 60 %, concentrates apple juice* 39 %, sunflower oil* 1 %.* Organic Ingredients Matières grasses 2.4g dont...

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