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Natural Dried Pineapple from Costa Rica 天然菠蘿乾(哥斯達黎加進口)
Ingredients: pineapple. Approximately 8-20 grams per piece - Around 6-10 pieces per 100 grams  成分:菠蘿 每件約8-20克,每100克約6-10件  
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Organic dried Mango from Ivory Coast (West Africa) 有機芒果乾(西非進口)
Ingredient: Mango Approximately 2 grams per piece - Around 50 pieces per 100 grams  成分:芒果 每件約12克,每100克約50件
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Natural Dried Pear from South Africa 天然梨子乾(南非進口)
Ingredient : Pear Approximately 17 grams per piece - Around 6/7 pieces per 100 grams  成分:梨子 每件約17克,每100克約6/7件
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Natural Dried Peach from South Africa 天然桃乾(南非進口)
Ingredient: Peach Approximately 25 grams per piece - Around 5/6 pieces per 100 grams  成分:桃子 每件約25克,每100克約5/6件
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Ginger crystallised - from Thailand 薑糖(泰國進口)
Ingredients: Ginger, Sugar, Sulphur Dioxide 成分:生薑,糖,二氧化硫
Organic Dried Apricot from Turkey 有機杏脯乾(土耳其進口)
Ingredient: Apricot Approximately 14 grams per piece - Around 7/8 pieces per 100 grams  成分:杏脯每件約14克,每100克約7/8件
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Ginger crystallised - from Fiji 薑糖(斐濟進口)
Ingredients: Ginger, Sugar, Sulphur Dioxide 成分:生薑,糖,二氧化硫
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Organic Sultanas Grapes from Turkey
Naturally dried grapes, oil-coated (to prevent sticking) and dried in the sun. Ingredients: Sultanas raisins*, deodorized sunflower oil*.                      *From organic farming
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Cinnamon Apple Bites
Ingredients: apple, sugar, citric acid, sulphur dioxide, cinnamon *best before, 23 Sept 2019
Dried Apple Rings from China
Ingredients:Apple Rings, Sodium Metabisulfite (E223)
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Organic Banana Crisps from Philippines
Our Banana Crisps can be munched like little chips. Get surprised by their lightly sweet taste. Organic Certification : Europe - AB France
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Organic Soft-Dried Banana from Sri Lanka - Whole piece 斯里蘭卡有機香蕉乾
Our soft-dried bananas come as whole piece. they are soft dried and yummy. Organic Certification : Europe - AB France 美味的整條香蕉乾。有機認證:Europe - AB France
Yellow Pomelo (Grapefruit) - Dehydrated 黃柚(西柚) - 脫水
Ingredients : Pomelo skin, citric acid, sulphur dioxide Country of origin : Thailand 配料:柚皮,檸檬酸,二氧化硫原產地:泰國
Dried Tomato from Tunisia

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