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Le PETIT Beret - Alcohol-free Wine from France Le PETIT Béret無酒精法國紅酒
From $88.00
Located in Béziers in the heart of the Languedoc Roussillon vineyards, Le PETIT Béret selects the best grape varieties while respecting local heritage and ancestral know-how to craft our alcohol-free wines.  Le PETIT Béret位於法國葡萄種植產區之一的隆格多克 魯西雍朗當中的貝濟耶,選擇最好的葡萄品種,配合當地傳統和世代流傳的技術,製作無酒精葡萄酒。 « The PETIT Beret is a revolution in the wine world! Finding such a complex...

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