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La Parisienne - Authentic French Beer 正宗法國啤酒
An authentic French beer, brewed and bottled in Paris La Parisienne is a professional craft brewery, 100% made in Paris, France. Handmade craft beers of the highest quality in small lots, using only the best ingredients and following the strictest standards. 在巴黎釀製並裝瓶的正宗法國啤酒!La Parisienne是一家專業手工啤酒廠,100%在法國巴黎製造。La Parisienne 只使用最好的原料,遵循最嚴格的標準,以小批量製手工啤酒,保證質量。 33 cl - Alc. 6%...
Fils de Pomme - Organic Cider from France - 法國有機天然蘋果酒
A 100% natural, organic, gluten-free apple cider made with zero added sugar, preservatives, or artificial products, drawing inspiration from 17th century French sailors, who toasted at sea with cider for pleasure as well as for strength to face the storms.  The adventure of Fils de Pomme (sons of apples) started...
Blonde of Saint Tropez Beer 啤酒
Brewed in a 130-year-old oak barrel under the supervision of a master brewer in a Belgian micro-brewery, La Brasserie des Légendes, tucked away in the heart of a 13th century fortress, the Blonde of Saint-Tropez is a natural and fresh beer of undeniable sophistication. The unique recipe was developed by...
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Gin Lord of Barbes - 500ml
Handcrafted - Organic - Made in France Distilled in Bercloux near Cognac, in a Stupfler copper still (one of the best stills ever made) by Lord Philippe our Cellar Master, the Lord of Barbes Gin is 100% artisanal, organic and made in France. Our Gin is characterised by its fresh...
H.THEORIA - Brazen Liquors
H.THEORIA - Brazen Liquors
H.THEORIA When expertise meets creative insanity H.THEORIA (from Greek H and ”theoria”). In the Greek alphabet, the letter H (êta) represents the bond between matter and spirit—the symbolic plan. In Ancient Greek, ”theoria” means observation. Modern, surprising and rigorous, H.THEORIA shakes the codes of the spirits industry by the complexity of...
Distillerie de Paris - Vodka Tea time 50cl
When brothers Sebastien & Nicolas Julhes decided to start their adventure and create a Distillery in the heart of the French capital, they had to fight tooth and nails to make their dream come true. The Julhes brothers gave themselves quite the challenge, La Distillerie de Paris is the first...

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