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Beeswax Cloth (4 Sizes) 蜜蠟布 (四款尺寸)
From $70.00
Possibly the most eco-friendly beeswax wrap with the lowest carbon footprints in Hong Kong, Beeswax Cloth is made with cotton cloth and beeswax sourced locally, and lovingly made locally by an eco-conscious local artisan, Kimi Lam, who could no longer confront our plastic pollution without doing anything about it.  ...
Beeswax Cloth Formulated Wax (1 piece)
RE-WAX is formulated  for Beeswax Cloth and all kind of the beeswax wraps. 7g/pc 補蠟用的配方蠟,可為所有蜂蠟保鮮布補蠟。 每粒7克
Cotton beam bags 可重用棉布袋
 10 x 21 cm

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