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Beeswax Cloth 蜜蠟布
From $48.00
Possibly the most eco-friendly beeswax wrap with the lowest carbon footprints in Hong Kong, Beeswax Cloth is made with cotton cloth and beeswax sourced locally, and lovingly made locally by an eco-conscious local artisan, Kimi Lam, who could no longer confront our plastic pollution without doing anything about it.  ...
Breakfast To Go (530ml) 早餐盒 (530毫升)
Make your own breakfast-on-the-go with this small, portable, leak-free container! Fill it with our breakfast items or healthy nut mix! 為這個小巧、便攜、防漏容器填滿穀物早餐或堅果,就能製作隨時都可吃到的早餐!
The Flour Bread Bag 麵粉麵包袋
From $65.00
A Hong Kong Story When Mimi, the founder of ooh design studio, saw the devastation of plastic pollution on the beaches in Hong Kong upon returning from Canada after more than 20 years' absence, she wanted to do something about it. She joined local volunteer groups cleaning up the beaches...
Bin 18: Organic Penne from Italy 有機意大利通心粉
Ingredients : Durum Wheat semolina, water From Italy Durum is the hardest of all wheat and has a higher protein and gluten content than other types of wheat, states the Wheat Foods Council. When durum wheat is milled, its endosperm is ground up into a product called semolina, which is...
Sold Out
BB Ed jar 小型可重用有蓋玻璃樽
Size: 8.6cm (H)*5.5cm(W)*5.5cm(D) - Without handle;           8.6cm (H)*7.4cm(W)*5.5cm(D) - With handle;           Mouth of bottle: around 4.4 cm wide  Net weight of bottle: 126 - 128 grams Capacity: 120 mL (may vary due to the particles size of the content) 尺寸:8.6厘米(高)* 5.5厘米(寬)* 5.5厘米(厚)...

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