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Grazie Natural Lucart is from Italy, the new generation of ecological paper, a range of products 100% made from beverage cartons. Soft, resistant, and absorbent as no other, hygienically safe and with its new natural colour 100% ecological. Grazie Natural’s philosophy: we recycle everything Nothing goes to waste if everything gets recycled! This is the idea that led Grazie Natural to the creation of the Grazie Natural Lucart range, which stems from Lucart S.p.A. solid experience in recycled paper manufacturing.
The recovery process: efficiency, monitoring, and cleanliness 3/4 of a normal beverage carton is made of cellulose fibres. These containers can be fully recycled thanks to a clean and efficient process that separates the fibres from the other components (polyethylene and aluminum). This way, Grazie Natural can obtain new paper from what once contained milk, cream, soft drinks, or fruit juice. This paper must meet the strict quality criteria set forth by Lucart S.p.A. certifications (Ecolabel, Emas, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, dermatological tests). New Award: Oct 2013, European Paper Recycling Award. 
Grazie Natural - Travel Tissue Paper Handkerchiefs x 10 bags (4 ply) Extra soft
EU Ecolabel - Made with 100% Recycled fibres (Recycled Paper from Beverage Cartons) - Untreated, retains its natural colour  
4 Toilet Paper Rolls (3-Ply) - Extra Soft
  EU Ecolabel - Made with 100% Recycled fibres
2 Kitchen Paper Roll (2-Ply)
EU Ecolabel - Made from 100% Recycled paper - Recycles cellulose fibres in beverage cartons 
8 Toilet Paper Rolls (2-Ply) Super Soft
EU Ecolabel - Made with 100% Recycled fibres  

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