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Lamazuna - Solid Vegan Shampoo (with essential oil) 法國天然純素手造洗頭皂 (含精油)
Crafted with a combination of ricinus or coconut oil and Moroccan clay for moisturising and deep cleansing, this solid vegan shampoo is perfect for prolonged health maintenance of your hair.  Lasting at least four months, this solid shampoo is 100% natural and vegan, contains no toxic chemicals, produces zero waste once...
Lamazuna - Cleansing Wipes 法國天然可洗滌潔面布
Replace your single-use cotton wipes with these washable wipes, made with ultra-soft and absorbent microfibres! These washable, absorbent wipes will leave zero trace of makeup on your face, using only water, and can be washed and reused for over 300 times.  There are 10 pieces of washable wipes per pack. The...
Handkerchief by The Chief Project The Chief Project手巾
From $50.00
  The Chief Project's mission is simple: to create a Hong Kong with zero waste. While understanding that sending zero waste to the city's landfills is almost impossible, The Chief Project nonetheless endeavours to tackle the second-largest waste category in Hong Kong: tissue paper, which accounts for 7% of daily waste,...
Lamazuna - Solid Vegan Peppermint Toothpaste 法國天然純素薄荷味牙膏棒
Cruelty-free and vegan as certified by PETA, this 100% natural solid toothpaste is good for your teeth and for the planet. Not only does this solid toothpaste last longer than two tubes of toothpaste, but it also tastes much better! 得善待動物組織PETA的不經動物測試及純素認證,法國 Lamazuna 天然純素薄荷味牙膏棒對牙齒和地球都一樣健康!這牙膏棒不但比一般牙膏多一倍用量,而且味道更好! How to use it? Wet your toothbrush with...
Saupei - Reusable Tissue Towels Pocket (cotton)
20x20 cm - 5 pieces
Lamazuna - Vegan Konjac Sponge 法國天然純素蒟蒻潔膚綿
Used for skincare and baby care in Asia for over 1,500 years, the konjac sponge is obtained from the konjac plant's root - the root is finely ground, blended with water, and baked in the oven. The Lamazuna Vegan Konjac Sponge is a finely pored, biodegradable, vegan, gentle, 100% plant sponge...
Lamazuna - Eco-friendly cleansing wipes x20 + Washing Bag x1
Package in Poplar Wood box White Side for foundation, Pink Side for lipstick and mascara ! Simply use with water. Reusable more than 300 times Washable in machine from 40˚ to 90˚ Ideal for sensitive skins
Lamazuna - Solid Vegan Cocoa Butter Moisturiser 法國天然純素可可油保濕皂
Equipped with ultra nourishing qualities, this solid vegan moisturiser leaves the skin soft and silky. With the delicious aroma of frangipani fragrance, this solid moisturiser is an absolute treat for body and mind. The solid moisturiser can be applied as a face cream, and is perfect for normal to dry skins. Unlike creams that...

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