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Le PETIT Béret - Alcohol-free Sparkling Wine MOSCAT D’AQUI


Delivery is not available. Collect in shop only.   MOSCATO D’AQUI Muscat Sweet Sparkling Complex and fruity nose that asserts maturity with muscatel notes, pineapple notes, bergamot and more fresh and...

Delivery is not available. Collect in shop only.


MOSCATO D’AQUI Muscat Sweet Sparkling

Complex and fruity nose that asserts maturity with muscatel notes, pineapple notes, bergamot and more fresh and floral notes of rose petals and jasmine flowers. The mouth is round, the bubbles blend wonderfully with the structure and highlight touches of bitterness and intense fruity flavors that prolong persistence.


To be served between 7 and 9 ° C as an aperitif, with exotic fruits, a meringue lemon tart, a raspberry macaroon and lychee.

Located in Béziers in the heart of the Languedoc Roussillon vineyards, Le PETIT Béret selects the best grape varieties while respecting local heritage and ancestral know-how to craft our alcohol-free wines.

Le PETIT Béret位於法國葡萄種植產區之一的隆格多克 魯西雍朗當中的貝濟耶,選擇最好的葡萄品種,配合當地傳統和世代流傳的技術,製作無酒精葡萄酒。

« The PETIT Beret is a revolution in the wine world! Finding such a complex aromatic and sensory balance without alcohol 0.0% and without fermentation is exceptional » Dominique Laporte

« Le PETIT Béret是葡萄酒界的革命!有著複雜的芳香,卻不含酒精、不經發酵,這葡萄酒可說是非比尋常!» 法國最佳侍酒師 Dominique Laporte

Dominique Laporte - Best Sommelier of France

Dominique Laporte, Best Sommelier of France, is a world reference in oenology. He joined the PETIT Beret team in 2013 following a meeting with the founders with whom he shares the values of conviviality, simplicity and above all innovation.
Alchemist of wine, he was sommelier at Palaces such as the Hotel Meurice in Paris, the Connaught and the Great Eastern hotel in London with Gordon Ramsay, as well as prestigious cellars such as the Lucas Carton in Paris. Dominique Laporte participates in the development of the cuvées and the aromatic assemblages of the Petit Béret. It highlights the organoleptic qualities of grape varieties such as Syrah, Sauvignon and Grenache Cinsault to combine them with the most prestigious dishes

被譽為法國最佳侍酒師的Dominique Laporte,是釀酒學界的世界典範。2013年他與Le PETIT Béret的創辦人會面後,便加入了他們的團隊。這位葡萄酒煉金術師,曾在巴黎的莫里斯酒店、倫敦的肯諾特酒店和大東方酒店,以及著名巴黎Lucas Carton酒窖中侍酒。Dominique Laporte參與開發Le PETIT Béret的cuvées系列,同時突出了Syrah、Sauvignon和Grenache Cinsault等葡萄品種的感官刺激,讓無酒精葡萄酒系列能完美無瑕地配以各種佳餚。

Throughout our process we carry out analysis of the alcohol level. At the harvesting of the grapes, during all stages of processing, on all raw materials and during bottling.


Sugar consumption is a very strong health issue especially in the context of diabetes, hypoglycaemia or obesity. In order to act sustainably, Le PETIT Beret has worked extensively in research and development to offer a fruity drink with a limited sugar content.
A glass of white or rosé of the PETIT Beret contains only 17 Kcal by the glass. A technological feat!

糖分攝取引致一連串的健康問題,特別是糖尿病,低血糖或肥胖。因此,Le PETIT Béret特別研發了含糖量較低的葡萄酒飲品,讓一杯白酒或玫瑰紅酒的卡路里低至只17大卡!。

PETIT Beret is a healthy drink that contains no preservatives, sulphites or yeasts.

Le PETIT Béret不含防腐劑,亞硫酸鹽或酵母。

The PETIT Beret wants to guarantee a drink that has never contained any trace of alcohol!
Neither before the processing process nor after bottling. The founders have developed specific techniques, processes and packaging to avoid any fermentation over time.
The PETIT beret categorically refuses any alcoholic fermentation and any non alcohol-free wine.
We want to allow new cultures and territories to discover oenology.
It is the ONLY drink in the world with the organoleptic characteristics of the truly Halal wine because it has never had any trace of alcohol!

Le PETIT Béret是不含任何酒精的飲料,不論是在加工前,還是在裝瓶之後。這都多得創始人開發出獨特的技術、製作過程和包裝,避免有可能隨著時間發生的發酵過程。
Le PETIT Béret堅決拒絕任何含酒精的發酵,和任何非不含酒精的葡萄酒,這都是為了讓不同文化或區域發現新的釀酒學。
因為這是世界上唯一一種沒有任何酒精的葡萄酒,Le PETIT Béret的葡萄酒也就是唯一適合回教徒喝的葡萄酒!


LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt