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Detox mix 排毒果物堅果雜錦
Certified organic. No G.M.O. Ingredients: gojiberries, cranberries, cashew nuts, almond, dried mango, coconut chips 有機認證。不含基因改造成分成份:杞子,小紅莓,腰果,杏仁,芒果乾,椰子片
Dry fruit mix
Dry fruit mix
Shelled almond, white almond, raisin.  Organic from UE/Non UE Shelled Almond/White Almond: Cholesterol reduction; low in saturated fatty acids, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and contain filling fiber, unique and protective phytosterol antioxidants as well as plant protein. Dried Raisin: Constipation; gain weight healthily; protect eyes from the damage caused by free...
Organic Dried Fruits and Mixed Seeds Granola 有機乾果及種子穀物早餐
Ingredients: Dried fruits and seeds 65% (Raisins, Cranberries, Sunflower seeds, Almond Squash seeds, Nob Hazelnuts), oat flakes, chocolate chips (cane sugar, cocoa mass), cocoa butter malt rice. 成分:乾果和種子65%(葡萄乾,蔓越莓,葵花籽,杏仁,南瓜籽,榛子),燕麥片,巧克力片(蔗糖,可可塊),可可脂,麥芽米

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