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Lamazuna - Zero Waste Gift Set Orange - 1 x Konjac Sponge + 1 x Oriculi + 10 x Cleansing Wipes & Washing Bag + 1 x Deodorant


Indulge in Zero Waste facial care with this super gift set with: 1 x Konjac Sponge Konjac sponge used for over 1500 years!Japanese women have been using konjac sponges for 1,500...

Indulge in Zero Waste facial care with this super gift set with:

1 x Konjac Sponge

Konjac sponge used for over 1500 years!
Japanese women have been using konjac sponges for 1,500 years to exfoliate their face every day. Koreans use it to clean their babies' skin. With its gentle cleansing action, a konjac sponge can also help to alleviate acne breakouts.
Almost paradoxically, a konjac sponge is as effective as an exfoliating glove yet absolutely gentle on the skin.
Konjac sponges are made from the konjac root, which looks similar to
a potato. The root is processed into konjac flour, which is mixed with water then poured into moulds and placed in an oven to make the sponges!
Our konjac sponges are sent to us dry, to keep transport weight and greenhouse emissions down. They're then packaged in France, in boxes made from compostable cardboard. All you have to do is wet the sponge for a few seconds so it swells with water!

1 x Oriculi 
At Lamazuna, our aim is to reduce waste in the bathroom, while helping you to save money too. So why not try our Oriculi? This clever little instrument originates from Japan and China, where it's used by everyone!
The Oriculi not only offers an eco- friendly, money-saving way to clean
your ears; it's also good for your health! Unlike cotton buds (also known as Q-tips and cotton swabs), the Oriculi helps to prevent clogged ears.
The little ball at the end comes in various shades, so each member of the family can have their own Oriculi colour!

10 x Cleansing Wipes & Washing Bag - Reusable over 300 times!

Lamazuna cleansing wipes are made from microfibre, which is a highly absorbent fabric. Make-up clings more readily to microfibre than to the skin. Simply moisten a reusable wipe with tap water, then use it to gently remove make-up.
Foundation, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner... With just a few sweeps of the wipe, it's all gone! If you tend to wear "tough" waterproof make-up, you can add a drop of make-up remover to finish. Afterwards, rinse the cleansing wipe, so that your cleansing product doesn't shorten its lifespan.
Made with polyester and polyamide, our reusable cleansing wipes are extremely soft and gentle, so they're ideal for sensitive skin. After use, you can wash them by hand or machine, using the laundry net bag provided – over 300 times!

1 x Palmarosa Deodorant

Our deodorant is made mainly of palmarosa essential oil and sodium bicarbonate. These two ingredients are known to be among the most naturally effective on body odour. They "eat away" the bacteria present in sweat – and which cause BO – rather than simply covering up the smell. This makes our deodorant not only natural, but also very effective. What more could you ask for?
It's easy to use, too: simply wet the deodorant then rub gently on your underarms to leave a very fine layer of cream. You're ready to take on the day!