Roll'eat is the reference brand focused to design and produce bold reusable and sustainable products to pack our food. The brand offers creative solutions to single use or throw-away articles, promoting wiser consumption and encouraging environmental education. Under the motto "Reuse and Reenjoy", its daily use products combine perfectly functionality, design and originality. Roll'eat is pioneer creating reusable packaging and gadgets, combining innovation and design, which surprise and promote a sustainable and modern lifestyle to those who want to live better with less. The company has the capacity to transform reality and see through things from another point of view. Innovation, design, originality, optimism and sustainability thanks to waste reduction. Visit their youtube channel


Roll'Eat - Snack'N'Go - Reusable Snack Bag

$76.00 – $90.00
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Roll'Eat - Grab’n’Go - Reusable Food Bag

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Roll'Eat - Boc’n’Roll - Reusable Sandwich Bag 10%off

$76.00 – $90.00
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