The Chief Project

  The Chief Project’s mission is simple: create a Hong Kong with 0 waste. In other words a Hong Kong with nothing going to the landfills anymore. This might sound impossible, but The Chief Project will do whatever it takes to get us as close to the goal as possible. Their targets the second largest waste category in Hong Kong: tissue papers, which accounts for 7% of daily waste, or 665 tonnes everyday and closely follows food waste. Handkerchiefs are very common in Japan and Korea, and not long ago, Hong Kong too. The first step to achieving the mission is bring back the habit of using handkerchiefs in our daily lives. With their product – Chiefs, they hope to make Hong Kong a greener city by reducing the use of tissues. A question they always get is: when would I use a handkerchief? Well, The Chief Project is glad you asked. Drying hands after a trip to the toilet, or wiping away the inevitable sweat on your forehead are two common uses. Handkerchiefs are great for tears, which let’s face it would be useful for both the gents and the ladies. It is completely up to you whether you want to blow your nose into your Chief – it works much better than a piece of tissue but we understand you might think its unhygienic. If you do decide to blow your nose, however, always remember to wash it at the end of the day and never share it with anyone – especially if you’re sick!

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