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Cat Coffee spoon 貓貓咖啡勺
Let these stainless steel cat stirrers help you refuse single-use plastic stirrers! 拒絕一次性塑膠製品,改用不銹鋼貓貓咖啡勺,支持環保!
Portable Tableware Box set 便攜式餐具套裝
From $139.00
Stainless stain chopsticks, spoon, fork , straw and brush. 不銹鋼筷子,勺子,叉子,飲管和刷子
Teddy Bear Coffee Spoon 熊仔咖啡勺
From $25.00
Material: 304 Stainless SteelLength: 11.7cm Width: 2cmWeight: 18g Colours: Silver, Black, Rose Gold, Gold,  Symphony (From left to right) Material: 304 Stainless Steel Length: 19.8cm Width: 2cmColour: Blue
Sistema - 475ml Square Bottle 475毫升方角水樽
Leading the world with Phthalate and BPA free plastics, Sistema, hailing from New Zealand, manufactures high quality containers that are safe for you and your family. Sistema 來自一個無污染的地方 - 新西蘭 ! 所有產品由原材料、生產至檢測都在新西蘭進行。對現今注重健康的大家, 無需再受 “BPA("雙酚A)" 及其有害物質影響。愛家人。愛健康   475ml Square Bottle  475毫升方角水樽   Capacity 容量: 475ml 毫升/ 16.06oz 安士 / 2.01cups 杯 Length 長度: 60mm 毫米 / 2.36in 吋...
Glass Spoon
Material: Borosilicate glassLength: 117mmWeight: 11g3 Colours: Green, Blue, Yellow Multi-function: Measuring spoons for coffee, sugar, tea or seasoning. Stirring Tools     

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