Beendhi who? 誰是Beendhi?

The Beendhi enterprise begins with a bet: provoked by a friend over dinner, Beena takes up the challenge of writing a cooking book - She rose magnificently to the challenge writing three recipe books and taking home a Gourmand Award for one of them.

Off to such a stellar start, she puts her gourmet skills to the test by working alongside big names such as Alain Ducasse and Olivier Roellinger, with whom she embarks on an adventure to find the most curious and mouth-watering Indian spices, a trip which resulted in a line of spice mixtures: “Olivier Roellinger by Beena".

Following her extraordinary experiences, it becomes clear to her that consumers have a marked appreciation for exotic and vegetarian gastronomy, expecting high quality and unprecedented flavours from it. She then decided to found Beendhi to allow consumers to easily recreate at home healthy vegetarian dishes with exotic flavours.

Beendhi的故事始於朋友間共進晚餐時的賭注:創始人Beena Paradin面臨著要寫一本食譜的挑戰!

就是這樣,Beena便向名廚Alain Ducasse學藝,並與Olivier Roellinger一起尋找最好的印度香料,然後開發了一系列名為「Beena的Olivier Roellinger」的香料。


Why Beendhi? 為何要選擇Beendhi?

Beendhi strives to source its ingredients locally, from France and Europe - except the basmati rice from the Punjab region of India - and all its raw ingredients come from organic farming. Vegetarian, natural and organic, Beendhi's products exclusively include dry products such as cereals, pulses, vegetables and spices, with no preservatives, additives, colorants, glutamates, palm oil or flavourings.

Despite the nutritive, organic, and healthy nature of Beendhi's products, they are surprisingly easy to put together: a little water, a little time, and you have a delicious vegetarian meal! 



Do your bit for the planet 為保護環境出一分力

Did you know that seven American football fields' worth of land is bulldozed every minute for farmed animals and the crops that feed them, and so it is that 91% of Amazon destruction is the result of animal agriculture? Did you also know that 51% of global greenhouse gas emission is the result of livestock and their byproducts? Additionally, it takes 660 gallons of water to make a standard burger, which is equivalent to a person taking a shower for the duration of two months! 

A vegan and vegetarian diet is the easiest and most straightforward way to reduce environmental pollution on an individual level. Check out our vegetarian Beendhi products here!