Beeswax Cloth who?  誰是 Beeswax Cloth蜜蠟布?
Hong Kong's homegrown beeswax wrap brand, Beeswax Cloth, was founded by eco-conscious maker Kimi Lam out of the want for good-quality beeswax wrap, in face of the ever-worsening plastic pollution in her home city, which she witnesses first-hand on beach and coastal clean-up volunteer activities. A self-taught beeswax wrap maker, Kimi sources her cotton fabric and beeswax locally (the beeswax from a small-scale family-run apiary in the New Territories), and hand-crafts each and every piece of Beeswax Cloth's wraps.
「Beeswax Cloth蜜蠟布」是由環保鬥士Kimi Lam創辦的香港本地蜜蠟布品牌,希望在塑膠污染日漸嚴重的香港,推動高質又環保的塑膠包裝替代品。自學蜜蠟布製作的Kimi,從本地購買布料,向新界一個家族經營的小型蜂場購買蜜蠟,並手製每一塊蜜蠟布。
Why Beeswax Cloth? 為何要選擇 Beeswax Cloth的 蜜蠟布?
For starters, the natural and compostable nature of the beeswax wrap makes it a great reusable alternative to single-use plastic bags and clingfilm. But what makes Kimi's beeswax wraps truly special is its super low carbon footprint, with a strictly local sourcing and production process. Every batch of order delivery is wrapped in a cotton fabric, which is then returned to Kimi and reused for the next batch of delivery, creating zero waste along the way - whenever possible, Kimi even delivers our orders herself in person! 
Do your bit for the planet  為保護環境出一分力
Beeswax Cloth's beeswax wraps are your vote of support for low-impact shopping and small conscientious makers. Check out our series of Beeswax Cloth's eco-friendly food wraps here!
Beeswax Cloth蜜蠟布讓你能盡一分力,支持低碳購物的同時,亦支持本地良心創作人。按此瀏覽我們的Beeswax Cloth蜜蠟布!