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Coconut Matter who? 誰是「Coconut Matter」?

Believing beauty products are best harnessed from nature's own plants and materials, Coconut Matter is an ethical brand that handcrafts cosmetic products from nature, while being mindful in ingredient-sourcing, including choosing Ecocert-approved blends, herbs, oils and minerals. 

Coconut Matter相信對肌膚最完美的呵護,就是來自大自然的天然資源,因此品牌的護膚產品都以永續方式取材於大自然,例如有歐盟有機認證的複方材料、香草、油液,及礦物等。

Why Coconut Matter? 為何選擇Coconut Matter?

Using only coconuts harvested from naturally wild coconut trees that grow in the pristine Solomon Islands, untouched by pollutants and chemicals, Coconut Matter also makes sure to only work with fair-trade smallholders ranging from family-run farms, local women’s groups to small island communities. To ensure that the virgin coconut oil is prepared to strict quality control standards while providing direct local employment opportunities to the smallholders, Coconut Matter adopts the multi-award-winning DME farm-based process, as well as a sustainable, zero-waste process. 

What makes Coconut Matter's products ideal for eco-conscious consumers is the brand's initiative to disrupt traditional single-use plastic packaging with biodegradable cardboard or reusable glassware, with the aim of leaving a healthier, cleaner planet to future generations. 

Coconut Matter只採用從無化學污染的所羅門群島上天然收穫的椰子,而且品牌只會與符合公平貿易原則的小農合作,為當地社區帶來就業機會。要達到這個目標,Coconut Matter採用獲獎無數的管理系統,以及永續、減廢的生產模式。

另外,Coconut Matter打破傳統商業的一次性用包裝,改以可生物降解的紙板和可重用的玻璃器皿來為產品包裝,為的,就是讓下一代也能繼續在美麗的環境中生活。

Do your bit for the planet 為保護環境出一分力

Your purchase of Coconut Matter's products is a vote of support for sustainable, ethical, and package-free practices! Check out our Coconut Matter product series here. 

購買Coconut Matter的產品,就是你向永續、良心、走包裝的模式投下的一票!按此瀏覽我們的Coconut Matter產品系列。