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Literally 'bring your own container', byoc is something that Edgar would like to see more, and therefore does everything possible to enable. With grocery items kept fresh and safe in wall bins and glass jars that have become the permanent fixture at our K11 and New Town Plaza City'super stores, we hope our customers would bring their own container when they stock up on our products. This is not just to help save the environment from our plastic consumption, but with less packaging involved, our lower transportation and packaging costs mean we can offer our natural, organic, and fair trade products at a lower price!
When you bring your own container or cotton bag to our stores, our staff will first tare the weight of your container or cotton bag, and then weigh it again after you have filled it with your purchase, with the net weight of your container or cotton bag deducted from the total weight.
While the invention of plastic has enabled certain levels of convenience in our daily life, our mindless consumption of plastic itself, as well as with disposable products that are wrapped in plastic, has wreaked havoc on the environment, from land to sea. We have been deluded into thinking that we can throw 'away' our plastic waste, or that the recyclers actually do their bit in plastic recycling, but the truth is up to eight million tonnes of plastic leak into the ocean every year. In 2015 alone, we have produced 332 million tonnes of plastic, equivalent to 900 Empire State Buildings! The downside? The non-biodegradable nature of plastic means that it is broken down into microplastic in the ocean, which is then ingested by marine animals big and small - you would have seen videos of a sea turtle blighted with a plastic straw in its nostrils, and the sheer amount of plastic pieces inside the stomach of an albatross. That is, unfortunately, just the tip of the iceberg of our plastic pollution.
Go for the various sizes of glass jars, or The Flour Bread Bag, upcycled from flour package into reusable bags by a local eco-warrior, Edgar has sourced to enable a waste-free shopping experience.
Absolutely not! The greatest thing of bulk purchase is that you can buy as much or as little as you want. Just bring a container fit for your desirable amount and fill it up, because food waste is the last thing we want!