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Fils de Pomme who? 誰是「Fils de Pomme」?

Fils de Pomme, literally 'sons of apple' in French, was founded by two friends who are passionate about apple cider: Théo Brunais Le Pautremat, who came from a long line of French naval officers dating back to 1780, as well as a traditional cider-making family devoted to the craft since the 19th century; and Valentin Imbault, developed his love of cider from his childhood, when summers were spent with his grandparents and their small family production in Brittany. 

On their numerous trips to Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian countries, Théo and Valentin realised that cider is normally consumed as an alternative to beer, and is made from apple concentrate, with added sugars and artificial fermentation. 

It was then that the two friends decided to create the 'botanical cider', with the idea of ​​preserving the know-how and quality of the French cider, while infusing it with a new youth. The goal is to make it much more subtle and more refreshing, using an entirely organic cider base. Before long, Fils de Pomme was born.

「Fils de Pomme」在法文中即「蘋果之子」的意思,品牌由兩名同樣對有汽蘋果酒十分熱誠的好友創辦。Théo Brunais Le Pautremat來自18世紀以來的海軍家族,而這家族亦自19世紀開始製作有汽蘋果酒;Valentin Imbault則因自小在祖父母於布列塔尼的家庭式經營有汽蘋果酒廠渡過無數夏天,從此愛上蘋果酒。


Why Fils de Pomme? 為何選擇Fils de Pomme?

Knowing that the apple is the second-most treated fruit with pesticides, the sons of apple choose to work only with certified organic apples harvested near the cider house, located in Vexin Normand, less than 100km away from Paris. In a nutshell, Fils de Pomme's cider has no added sugar, preservatives or artificial products - it is a 100% natural and organic product!

當Théo和Valentin得知原來蘋果是第二種最受化學殺蟲劑影響的果物時,他們決定只用在釀造廠附近、有有機認證的蘋果製作蘋果酒。Fils de Pomme的成果就是100%全天然、有機,不含任何添加糖、防腐劑或人造產品的有汽蘋果酒!

Do your bit for the planet 為保護環境出一分力

By using only organically grown apples without the use of chemical pesticides, Fils de Pomme is a planet-friendly cider production house that votes for sustainability practices on your behalf! Check out our Fils de Pomme product here

Fils de Pomme只採用有機、不含化學殺蟲劑的蘋果,就是向永續農業投支持的一票!按此瀏覽我們的Fils de Pomme有汽蘋果酒。