La Mère Mimosa who? 誰是「La Mère Mimosa」?

After having a taste of granola on a trip to New York, ex-journalist Maud Antigna decided to quit her job to bring this healthy and delicious breakfast item to France. Soon, she found herself becoming the founder of La Mère Mimosa (‘Mother Mimosa’), a Paris-style granola brand, dedicated to the creation of crunchy granola made with 100% organic raw ingredients, love galore, and no added sugar.

法國前記者Maud Antigna在一次到美國紐約旅行,試過當地的穀物早餐後,便決定在回國後辭去工作,全職製作這種健康美味的穀物早餐。就是這樣,她成為了「含羞草媽媽」這品牌的創辦人,研製帶巴黎風味、香脆、100%有機、無添加糖的granola穀物早餐。

Why La Mère Mimosa? 為何選擇La Mère Mimosa

Mother Mimosa goes to great lengths to source only premium quality, 100% organic and healthy raw ingredients such as oat, chia seeds, flax seeds, buckwheat seeds, cashew, pecans, almonds, and dried fruits. 


Do your bit for the planet 為保護環境出一分力

Our La Mère Mimosa granola products are available in bulk and glass jars. Reuse the beautiful glass jar, bring it back to our shops to shop your favourite products! 

我們的La Mère Mimosa穀物早餐系列可以裸買,亦可以買玻璃樽的。吃完後可重用玻璃樽,帶它來到我們店購物,支持環保!