Lamazuna who? 誰是「Lamazuna」?

Back in 2010, a girl hailing from Vendée, West-Central France, was struck by an epiphany: Why not replace her five daily cleansers – the products themselves or the packaging that came with them discarded daily – with reusable and more eco-friendly options? And so it was that Laëtitia created a simple, ultra-soft microfibre cleansing wipe that can be reused for hundreds of times.

The product was tested and raved about by her girl friends, and all it needed was a proper brand name. Initiatlly thinking along the lines of the Swahili phrase, ‘Hakuna Matata’ (‘No worries!’), Laëtitia finally decided on her Georgian roommate’s suggestion, ‘Lamazuna’, literally ‘Pretty young girl’ in her native language.

In December that same year, was launched. Enthusiasm poured in, thanks to beauty bloggers’ words of praise for the cleansing wipes, and with that also came other eco-friendly and innovative products, such as the menstrual cup and the Oriculi, the latter being inspired by Laëtitia’s mother, who bans single-use cotton swabs in her household. What her mother also bans is the deodorant, which could trap toxins inside the body and has possible links to breast cancer. Hence the birth of Lamazuna’s solid deodorant.

In just eight years, Lamazuna has created 13 jobs, and a wide range of vegan, sustainable, high-quality care and hygiene products, with a company philosophy focused on fair working conditions, eco-conscious production, and the virtue of zero-waste.



該產品經過了她閨密的測試和讚賞後,Laëtitia決定要為品牌命名。雖然她初時希望用類似斯瓦希里語「Hakuna Matata」('不用擔心!')的字,最後她決意於的格魯吉亞室友的建議——「Lamazuna」,即「漂亮少女」的意思。



Why Lamazuna? 為何選擇Lamazuna?

Dedicated to being 100% natural and vegan, Lamazuna’s products are handmade in Chevreuse, in the middle of a regional natural park near Paris. All of Lamazuna’s products are simple to use, and even simpler in packaging – all product packaging is biodegradable, and only reusable or recycled packaging is used for products that need to be repacked. Moreover, the PETA-approved, 100% vegan and natural products often have a longer lifespan than their chemical-filled and packaged counterparts! 

As Laëtitia readily admits, Lamazuna will not be seen on the CAC 40 (French stock market index) as the brand does not reap maximum profit, but she chooses sustainability regardless, and even donates 2% of all profits to an Amazon Rainforest afforestation project in Peru – over 4,500 trees have been planted since March 2013, not to mention the massive amount of resource-intensive cotton and pesticide reduced, as a result of the sales of Lamazuna’s washable cleansing wipes and menstrual cups. 

Lamazuna的產品在巴黎附近的地區自然公園Chevreuse手工製作,100%純天然、純素。 Lamazuna的所有產品簡單易用,而包裝均採用可生物降解的物料,有需要重新包裝的產品,就會採用可重複使用或回收包裝。此外,Lamazuna獲PETA認證的100%不經動物測試的產品,壽命比其含化學物和包裝的產品都要長!

Laëtitia坦言,Lamazuna不會在CAC 40(法國股市指數)上出現,因為品牌根本無法獲得最大利潤,但她仍堅決選擇支持可持續發展,甚至將所有利潤的2%捐贈給亞馬遜雨林造林項目。 自2013年3月以來,捐款已經種植了超過4,500棵樹木,更不用說因為Lamazuna的可洗滌潔面布和月經杯而大量減少的公害。

Do your bit for the planet 為保護環境出一分力

Whether it’s Lamazuna’s solid vegan shampoo, deodorant, shaving bar and cocoa butter moisturiser, or the solid vegan toothpaste, konjac sponge and washable cleansing wipes that interest you, check out our Lamazuna product series here. With both product and packaging designed to leave zero traces on Earth, Lamazuna’s high-quality care and hygiene products are your vote for a more sustainable future!