Le PETIT Béret who? 誰是「Le PETIT Béret」?

Located in Béziers in the heart of the Languedoc Roussillon vineyards, Le PETIT Béret selects the best grape varieties while respecting local heritage and ancestral know-how to craft our alcohol-free wines. The idea was born as the brand's founders - an agri-food engineer and two mining engineers - do not drink alcohol and have always been frustrated about not having access to noble products of French gastronomy. It turns out that their frustration was shared by many, and so they went about to develop alcoholic-free wines, enlisting the expertise of Dominique Laporte, Best Sommelier of France, to highlight the organoleptic qualities of grape varieties such as Syrah, Sauvignon and Grenache Cinsault to combine them with the most prestigious dishes.

Le PETIT Béret位於法國葡萄種植產區之一的隆格多克 魯西雍朗當中的貝濟耶,選擇最好的葡萄品種,配合當地傳統和世代流傳的技術,製作無酒精葡萄酒。品牌源於不喝酒的幾位創辦人,他們都因無法好好品味法國的美酒而懊惱。當他們發現原來有不少人的想法都跟他們一樣後,便請來被譽為法國最佳侍酒師的Dominique Laporte,參與開發Le PETIT Béret的cuvées系列,同時突出了Syrah、Sauvignon和Grenache Cinsault等葡萄品種的感官刺激,讓無酒精葡萄酒系列能完美無瑕地配以各種佳餚。 

Why Le PETIT Béret? 為何選擇Le PETIT Béret

Le PETIT Béret's alcohol-free wines were developed with the knowledge that alcohol being the leading cause of death on roads and hospitalisation. Not only are the wines free of alcohol, they also contain limited sugar content, with sugar consumption being a global health issue especially in the context of diabetes, hypoglycaemia or obesity - a glass of white or rosé of the PETIT Beret contains only 17 Kcal by the glass, which is a technological feat!

Free of preservatives, sulphites or yeasts, Le PETIT Béret categorically refuses any alcoholic fermentation and any non alcohol-free wine, as it is curated to allow new cultures and territories to discover oenology. Not surprisingly, it is the only drink in the world with the organoleptic characteristics of the truly Halal wine, because it has never had any trace of alcohol!

由於酒精是道路致命意外的最大原因,Le PETIT Béret研發了無酒精的酒。他們的酒不但無酒精,而且糖含量非常低,一杯Le PETIT Béret的白酒玫瑰紅酒含糖量低至17 Kcal!

Le PETIT Béret不含防腐劑,亞硫酸鹽或酵母,而且堅決拒絕任何含酒精的發酵,和任何非不含酒精的葡萄酒,這都是為了讓不同文化或區域發現新的釀酒學。

因為這是世界上唯一一種沒有任何酒精的葡萄酒,Le PETIT Béret的葡萄酒也就是唯一適合回教徒喝的葡萄酒!

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