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Not Just Bamboo who? 誰是Not Just Bamboo

A Danish social impact company founded by longtime friends Martin Elsøe Jensen and Frantz Byrch Pedersen, Not Just Bamboo offers eco-friendly and sustainably sourced bamboo products, produced under conscious and holistic principles.

But there's more to just bamboo products (hence the name): by buying from Not Just Bamboo, consumers are also helping to support rural Vietnamese local economies, meaning workers are guaranteed access to three fundamental human rights: food, shelter, and access to safe filtrated drinking water, as well as sustainable work hours - all staff, whether working in villages, forests or factories, start work only after schools have begun, and finish by late afternoon so they are able to enjoy quality time with their families at home

Not Just Bamboo是一家由兩名丹麥好友Martin Elsøe Jensen和Frantz Byrch Pedersen創的社會企業,售賣以可持續方式收成的竹子,並以有道德的製作模式製造的環保竹製產品。

但正如品牌名字所言,Not Just Bamboo並非只關於竹製品。這家社會企業在越南工廠的員工,均享有三項最基本的人權:食物、容身之所、安全過濾可飲用的水。另外,所有當地員工的上班時間都由子弟上課後開始,下午便下班,讓他們能與家人享受共聚時光。

Why Not Just Bamboo? 為何選擇Not Just Bamboo?

Not Just Bamboo ensures that its sustainable handmade products are manufactured responsibly, using locally sourced natural materials, limiting waste throughout the production process, and supporting communities in rural areas. All of the bamboo sourced is harvested by hand, without the use of machinery. This part of our processing ensures zero carbon dioxide emissions or air pollutants are released into the environment.

Once the 30-metre-tall bamboo stalks are harvested, they are divided into three sections: the bottom pieces are used for bowls and larger products, the middle parts for cups and bottles, and the upper parts for toothbrushes; leftover bamboo pieces are burnt to fuel the steaming machines, where the bamboo is steamed with rainwater before it is used to handcraft products.

Not Just Bamboo確保所有永續、手製的產品,都取於本地天然資源,以對環境及社區負責的方式製造,製作過程盡量減廢,同時支持當地農業社區的發展。Not Just Bamboo所用的竹子都以人手收穫,不靠機器,因此不會有碳排放或空氣污染。


Do your bit for the planet 為保護環境出一分力

Bamboo is a fast-growing, low-maintenance (requiring just a little water and no pesticides), versatile, renewable, and therefore sustainable crop. By opting for a reusable bamboo water bottle, you can help change the sad reality of 5.2 million single-use plastic bottles being dumped to Hong Kong's landfills every day. Not only that, your purchase with Not Just Bamboo also means supporting their partnership with Gravity Water, an innovative water filtration company dedicated to providing safe filtered drinking water to the people in need. Check out our Not Just Bamboo product series here XXX! 

竹子的生長速度很快,很易種植,用途廣泛,而且能不斷再生,因此是很環保的資源。以竹製水樽代替一次性用膠水樽,你可以改變每天約5百2十萬個一次性用膠水樽被丟到香港堆填區的命運,而透過Not Just Bamboo,你更可以支持為有需要的人提供安全過濾飲用水的公司Gravity Water。按此瀏覽我們的Not Just Bamboo產品系列!