QuinteSens who? 誰是QuinteSens?

Back in 2009, Sébastien Loctin and Christophe Basile, the founders of Biofuture, a firm that designs and sells nutritive oils to suit specific groups of people, had trouble finding suitable oils to feed to their kids. They were also growing sick and tired of seeing modern-day food's neglect on human health and impact on the ecosystem. So the 'two dads' – one an engineer and the other a former food industry employee – embarked on a journey to develop a vision of a diet based on organic and sustainable standards, which are as important in their eyes as health through nutrition: “Whatever is good for the body should also be good for nature."

The result was QuinteSens, an organic nutritive oil range of 100% natural, organic, cold-pressed and sustainably sourced oils, each meeting the needs of a specific section of the population: the elderly, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and children. Soon afterwards, a salad dressing range, using QuinteSens' own nutritive oil, was launched.

2009年,Sébastien Loctin和Christophe Basile成立了Biofuture公司,調配和銷售提供不同人士營養所需的營養補充油,然而他們卻找不到適合他們孩子的營養油。同時,他們也厭倦了看著現代食物忽視人類健康和對生態系統的影響。 因此,這兩個爸爸(一位是工程師,另一位則是前食品行業的員工)便開始研發一個有機,而又配合可持續發展的飲食願景:「對身體有益的東西,也應該對自然環境有益。」


Why QuinteSens? 為何選擇QuinteSens?

With the goal to “give meaning to our diet”, the two entrepreneurs believe that an exemplary company is “one that does what is best for mankind, and for our planet”. And that, QuinteSens has more than fulfilled by using Tetra Pak, as well as ensuring the ingredients of its oils are sustainably sourced and produced. 

以「為我們的飲食賦予意義」為目標,兩位爸爸企業家認為,一家堪稱典範的公司,得「為人類和地球做最好的事」。 的確,QuinteSens的產品使用Tetra Pak包裝,並且確保營養油的成分都符合可持續採購和生產。

Do your bit for the planet 為保護環境出一分力

QuinteSens' nutritive oils don't just work towards the health of your body, but also that of our planet. Check out our series of QuinteSens nutritive oils here!