The Chief Project who? 誰是「The Chief Project」?

The Chief Project's mission is simple: to create a Hong Kong with zero waste. While understanding that sending zero waste to the city's landfills is almost impossible, The Chief Project nonetheless endeavours to tackle the second-largest waste category in Hong Kong: tissue paper, which accounts for 7% of daily waste, or 665 tonnes every day, closely following food waste.

Their solution? Bringing back the good old handkerchiefs! While handkerchiefs are nothing out of the ordinary, what makes The Chief Project's handkerchiefs extraordinary is that they are made with high-quality, perfectly wearable fabric discarded by factories that manufacture garments for high-end designer brands. To up the ante of their waste reduction effort, The Chief Project has also launched their own upcycled beeswax wraps, which, like the handkerchiefs, are 100% cotton and biodegradable.

「The Chief Project」的任務很簡單,就是要令香港成為零廢城市。雖然現實中零廢是不可能的,但The Chief Project堅決著手解決香港第二大廢物源頭:佔每天廢物總量7%,共重665噸的紙巾!

解決方法,是看似平凡的手巾。The Chief Project的手巾不平凡之處,是全都用被高級時裝製衣廠丟棄的優質棉布再造而成。為了進一步為香港減廢,The Chief Project亦推出了同是100%棉製及可生物降解的蜜蠟布。

Why The Chief Project? 為何選擇The Chief Project

All of their products are upcycled from fabric that was made with energy- and resource-intensive methods, and yet would have been dumped to the landfills had it not been rescued by The Chief Project. 

But The Chief Project has more than just environmental impact in mind. By employing expert seamstresses who were once integral pillars of the local textile industry, The Chief Project is steadfast about its positive societal impact, even though outsourcing the making of handkerchiefs and beeswax wraps would be considerably more cost-effective. 

用來製造The Chief Project產品的布料,全都曾以浪費食水及耗用資源的方式製成,若The Chief Project沒有及時拯救,它們就會白白被浪費。

除了保護環境,The Chief Project亦著重回饋社會,聘用資深女裁縫手製手巾,為這班曾撐起本地製衣業的人提供再就業機會,即使把工作外判到其他國家能大大降低成本。

Do your bit for the planet 為保護環境出一分力

Your purchase of The Chief Project's products is a vote for less waste to the landfills, re-employment opportunities for those in need, and a circular economy! But to quote Agnes Pang, founder of The Chief Project, buy only for necessity! Check out our The Chief Project series here and here

你購買The Chief Project的產品,就是對減廢、關愛社會及循環經濟投的一票!不過,就如The Chief Project創辦人Agnes Pang所說,真係用先好買!到這裡這裡瀏覽我們的The Chief Project產品!