Welly who? 誰是「Welly」?

When Ben Kander's mother passed away after a courageous battle with liver cancer in June 2012, he had spent a year learning about and witnessing firsthand the impact of toxins and chemicals in both the body and the environment. Inspired by his mother's tenacity and commitment to philanthropy, Ben founded Welly, a brand that manufactures reusable bamboo bottles with natural, renewable resources, while supporting charity projects that provide people in need with access to clean, drinkable water. 

當Ben Kander的母親在2012年6月總於不敵癌魔,與世長辭後,親眼看到化學物及毒素對人體和環境的禍害的Ben,決定延續母親生前對慈善工作的精神,於是創辦了Welly,一個以可持續發展方式及再生資源製造竹造水樽的品牌,而品牌同時亦支持為發展中國家提供清潔食水的慈善工作。

Why Welly? 為何選擇Welly?

Not only are the Welly bottles made sustainably with natural, renewable resources, but for every bottle sold, Welly donates US$1 to Charity: water, a non-profit organisation that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. What your purchase also supports are improved health, wider access to education, increased economic opportunities, and jobs creation for people in these countries. 

Welly的竹製水樽不但符合可持續發展的目標,而且每一個賣出的水樽,Welly都會捐出$1美金予Charity: water,一個為發展中國家提供清潔、安全的食水的非牟利團體。你的惠顧更能為這些國家的人民提供更高的健康和教育水平、經濟發展機會,及更多就業機會。

Do your bit for the planet 為保護環境出一分力

By opting for a sturdy, reusable water bottle, you can save 167 single-use plastic bottles from the landfills every year! Check out our Welly bottle series here