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Einkorn wheat & Honey Biscuit - Low Gluten

Einkorn wheat & Honey Biscuit - Low Gluten


Food - biscuits

Crispy and crunchy with buckwheat seeds. 

100% Einkorn wheat flour

Einkorn is the oldest wheat known to scientists, and is considered man's first wheat. The term einkorn is derived from the German language and interpreted to mean “single grain”.

The gluten in einkorn lacks the high molecular weight proteins that many people can't digest. If you are sensitive to modern wheateinkorn may provide a delicious alternative. Einkorn does contain gluten and is not ok for those with celiac disease.

Average weight per biscuit : 28g 


Wholemeal einkorn wheat flour*①, brown cane sugar*①, butter*, eggs*, buckwheat seeds*, powdered hazelnuts*, sunflower oil*, honey*, concentrated grape juice*, bicarbonate of soda. 
*Ingredients sourced from organic farming ① Fair Trade approved according to the FiABLE standard

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