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Gin Lord of Barbes - 500ml

Gin Lord of Barbes - 500ml

$780.00 $0.00

Drinks - spirits
French Concept
Handcrafted - Organic - Made in France
Distilled in Bercloux near Cognac, in a Stupfler copper still (one of the best stills ever made) by Lord Philippe our Cellar Master, the Lord of Barbes Gin is 100% artisanal, organic and made in France. Our Gin is characterised by its fresh and subtle taste, obtained by distilling wheat alcohol, juniper berries, monkey bread (the baobab's fruit) and seven other plants, known to be aphrodisiac. Every ingredient in our gin is certified organic, we obtained the Agriculture Biologique (organic farming) label and all the craftsmen we are working with are French.
Our gin is extremely powerful and very fragrant, it also reaches 50% vol. of alcohol because a gin must be dry to be good. The real connoisseurs will rather enjoy it neat, at a temperature of minus eight degrees, or with a green olive just like Winston Churchill used to drink it. The Lord of Barbes Gin is also excellent in  cocktails.
GinMade in ParisNo G.M.OorganicSpirit

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