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H.THEORIA - Brazen Liquors
H.THEORIA - Brazen Liquors

H.THEORIA - Brazen Liquors

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Drinks - spirits
French Concept

When expertise meets creative insanity
H.THEORIA (from Greek H and ”theoria”). In the Greek alphabet, the letter H (êta) represents the bond between matter and spirit—the symbolic plan. In Ancient Greek, ”theoria” means observation.

Modern, surprising and rigorous, H.THEORIA shakes the codes of the spirits industry by the complexity of its tastes as well as by its graphic world and its literary DNA. Dreamlike, poetic, untidy and tempting, H.THEORIA breaks the rules of liquor making.
Just like a perfumer who creates a fragrance, H.THEORIA transcribes the intangible sensations of tempers through the prism of taste and smell.

 The subtle aromas of our three shameless liquors are rooted in the precision of our manufacturing process.

We macerate ingredients from all over the world separately in a mixture of water and alcohol for 8 to 10 weeks in order to get a ”tincture” full of fruity or herbal aromas and beautifully colored.

The tincture is then distilled in a several-decade-old alambic so as to extract the ethereal might from the plant to form what is called an ”alcoholate”

After that, the tinctures and alcoholates are mixed together, following H.THEORIA’s original and atypical formulas—which took us over a year to develop.
Once the ingredients have been mixed, we let the aromas dance, mingle and get in motion for almost 4 weeks, before we bottle our three precious elixirs.


The cosiest of tannins Coarse, dark and woody notes of American oak tree, black tea and azuki beans strike first, very soon defused by subversive notes of orange, jasmine and rosemary that give us some time to tame the initial darkness of its taste. Aromatic notes : Leather, Tea, Citrus, Herbal 


The infinite excitement of flavours Cranberry, cardamom and violet with passion fruit, hot pepper and even tarragon—your taste buds won’t stop hopping from berry to flower and from fruit to spice, in an endless world tour of flavours where every note shamelessly echoes another, with the softest, most flowery and feminine overstatements. Aromatic notes : Vegetal, Spicy, Exotic, Red Berries


The most sulfurous of encounters Imagine a marriage between pepper and ginger mingling with the unexpected and flamboyant dialogue between cinnamon and tomato, shamelessly subverted by the bitterness of sloe and tainted with blood orange. The taste of blueberry surrepticiously comes along, revealing a perfect, wicked and unexpected hint of sage. And it becomes delicious to yield to perfidy. Aromatic notes : Sulphur, Red Fruits, Spicy, Pepper

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