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La Parisienne - Authentic French Beer 正宗法國啤酒
La Parisienne - Authentic French Beer 正宗法國啤酒

La Parisienne - Authentic French Beer 正宗法國啤酒

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Drinks - spirits & alcohol
French Concept
La Parisienne - Authtentic French Beer, Brewed and Bottled in Paris
An authentic French beer, brewed and bottled in Paris
La Parisienne is a professional craft brewery, 100% made in Paris, France. Handmade craft beers of the highest quality in small lots, using only the best ingredients and following the strictest standards.

La Parisienne是一家專業手工啤酒廠,100%在法國巴黎製造。La Parisienne 只使用最好的原料,遵循最嚴格的標準,以小批量製手工啤酒,保證質量。
La Parisienne - all flavors
33 cl - Alc. 6%
La Blanche (Belgian White Ale) : Light and crisp beer with layered citrus fruits aromas and discreet spicy notes. The mouth feel is fresh and elegant, perfectly blending acidity and bitterness.

La Blonde (Pale Ale): Medium bodied beer with a subtle balance between bittering and aromatic hops and delicate citrus aromas
La Rousse (Amber Ale) : Medium bodied beer with a complex structure, subtly balanced between bitterness and malty flavours

La Brune (Scotch Ale) : Full bodied, round and mellow beer with coffee and dark chocolate flavours. The bitterness balances out the richness. 
La Blanche(比利時白啤酒):淡淡清澈的啤酒,帶有柑橘水果香氣和辛辣味。 口感清新典雅,完美融合酸度與苦味。
La Blonde(淡啤酒):酒體中等,苦澀和芳香啤酒花帶精緻的柑橘香味
La Rousse(琥珀色啤酒):中等酒體,結構複雜,帶適度苦味和麥芽味
La Brune(蘇格蘭愛爾):酒體飽滿,圓潤醇香,帶有咖啡和黑巧克力口味。
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