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Lamazuna - Washable Cleansing Wipes 法國天然可洗滌潔面布


Replace your single-use cotton wipes with these washable wipes, made with ultra-soft and absorbent microfibres! These washable, absorbent wipes will leave zero trace of makeup on your face, using only water, and can be washed for over 300 times. 

There are 10 pieces of washable wipes per pack. The washable wipes are good for sensitive skin, and perfect for travel. 

法國 Lamazuna 天然可洗滌潔面布,由極柔軟及吸水力極高的微纖維製造,可代替一次性用的落妝棉。使用時只需加水,便可以徹底落妝,而且用完後可洗滌,重用300以上。


How to use it?
Wet your wipe and massage it gently on your face for makeup removal; use coconut oil instead of water to remove waterproof makeup. Simply wash the wipe with water or put it in the washing machine after use. 

If you feel that your wipe is not as fresh as before, just boil it in water for 10 to 15 minutes and allow the microfibres to regenerate.



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