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Lamazuna - Zero Waste Green Gift Set - 1 x Green Toothbrush Green (Soft) - 1 x Solid Toothpaste Peppermint - 1 x Palmarosa Deodorant)


A great Starter kit for going Zero Waste in the bathroom.1 x Toothbrush with replaceable head with a bioplastic handle made in FranceThe handle of our toothbrush is made with 70%...

A great Starter kit for going Zero Waste in the bathroom.

1 x Toothbrush with replaceable head with a bioplastic handle made in France
The handle of our toothbrush is made with 70% castor derivatives. The castor oil plant (like all plants) absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows. The castor derivatives are combined with 30% plastic so the resulting material can cope with the humidity of a bathroom and absorb the "shock" caused by rubbing when brushing the teeth. It's made in France. When your toothbrush is looking a little worse for wear, you can send it to us and we'll use it to produce the next batch!
Every three months, when your brush's bristles wear out, simply remove the old head and snap on a new one!

1 x Solid Toothpaste
100% of the ingredients in our toothpastes are naturally derived wether they are of plant or mineral origin, they come from Nature.
Just like all our other products, our solid toothpastes are vegan, made with 100% naturally derived ingredients, and zero waste. They're solid, so they don't contain water – and bacteria need water to grow... So, you don't have to worry about hygiene! You can keep your solid toothpaste on a soap dish, in your toothbrush holder, in a liqueur glass, or even slip it back into its box.
Once you've finished your toothpaste, add the stick to your compost, so there's no waste whatsoever!
The cardboard box is also biodegradable (and therefore compostable!), printed with vegetable inks and coated with a non-toxic finish. The wooden sticks are engraved in the south of France.

1 x Solid Palmarosa Deodorant
Our deodorant is made mainly of palmarosa essential oil and sodium bicarbonate. These two ingredients are known to be among the most naturally effective on body odour. They "eat away" the bacteria present in sweat – and which cause BO – rather than simply covering up the smell. This makes our deodorant not only natural, but also very effective. What more could you ask for?
It's easy to use, too: simply wet the deodorant then rub gently on your underarms to leave a very fine layer of cream. You're ready to take on the day!