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Léger - Eco-Vegan Suede Yoga Towels made from Recycled Plastic Bottles


〝 Designed in collaboration with Artist around the world 〞 〝 Made from the highest quality sustainable rPet.〞 〝 Ideal for your active lifestyle - yoga, barre, pilates, beach & travel...

Model: Marjara

  • Marjara
  • Midnight Blue
  • Tadasana
  • Orissa

Designed in collaboration with Artist around the world

〝 Made from the highest quality sustainable rPet.〞

Ideal for your active lifestyle - yoga, barre, pilates, beach & travel

Moisture-activated grip | Ultra absorbent | Sand repellent | Perfect as a travel mat


Who are we?

LÉGER Eco-vegan towels were born out of a need for the perfect workout towel - a beautiful & uniquely designed quality towel made from sustainable materials that would fit perfect with an active lifestyle.

Created by a yoga teacher and all around fitness enthusiast, the LÉGER towel was developed in Hong Kong, where indoor practice is as important as the outdoor practice, where beach and parks become your studios on a sunny day! The vegan suede technology took 6 months to develop. The the surface is soft yet moisture activates its non-slip properties, the material is ultra absorbent, but sand repellent (perfect for beach sessions) and the towel is just the perfect thickness 1.5mm to provide enough protection to be used as a travel mat.

Sustainability and eco-provenance is at the heart of our values. We believe every bits of actions counts, and this is why during the development of our towels we seeked eco-conscious material and strive to reduce our carbon footprint on all aspect of production.

Our mats are made from recycled plastic bottles material, with every towel, you prevent between 12 to 18 plastic bottles from going in our oceans and landfills. Our packaging is also made from recycled paper, tags and towel carrier bag are made from quality organic cotton (that’s right every towel comes with a carrier bag perfect for a towel water and some snacks!) 

Every step is a step towards a better future for our planet! 

How were LÉGER towels created?

As a yoga teacher I was looking for a mat topper that was practical yet performant, but also non-toxic and made from 100% sustainable provenance, (I know it was a lot to ask) and suprisingly I couldn’t find a product in the market that was completely eco-friendly and provided those moisture activated non-slip and protection qualities I needed. I tried many alternatives and they were either eco-friendly, but not performant enough or non-slip but not from a sustainable source. 

The versatility and practicality of the towel was suprisingly another struggle. The towels and topers available were either too thin (which provided almost no protection during a practice, or they were thick and heavy, and non-washable. A natural anti-microbial spray is nice, but I want to be able to get all the toxins in my sweat completely out! (Yes I’m a bit germaphobic and OCD).

This is where the creation of the perfect workout towel started! I started with research into sustainable materials, such as recycled, renewable or biodegradable, which surprisingly is still not common enough in the manufacturing world due to the higher cost incured in production of the raw material. To arrive to the performance needed with 100% sustainability goals the material was narrowed to rPet - which is a polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, and can be 100% re-recycled again. Awesome right! Then came the development and testing for the perfect fabric consistency - rPet polyester can be woven insto different textures. I took the different sample towels to practice and test with other yogis, in studios, on the mats and directly on the floors, on the beach on the dry sand and the wet sand, on outside surfaces like ciment, wood panels and grass, to finally develop the perfect woven mix - with an option of additional silicone dots for extra grip and support! 

LÉGER towels are 1.5mm thick and made of 2 different surfaces: an soft ultra absorbant vegan suede on the top, and a dense felt like fabric at the back for support and moisture wick properties. Each towel is made from 12 to 18 plastic bottles, that are prevented from going in our oceans and landfills. Yay! And the towel itself is also 100% re-recyclable and can be reused! Yes we can have a performant product which is also 100% sustainable!

Now that I had the perfect towel, I wanted the design to be as beautiful as it was sustainable and performant. For me a yoga practice is a sacret time. It’s a space where one allow oneself to just be, and be present. I wanted the designs and the colors to reflect this inner peace and strength. Multiple design directions were explored, but I didn’t want to settle on something commercial. I wanted something small batch, unique, I wanted the towel to express creativity, for every owner using the towel to feel and appreciate their beauty, strength and emotional power. Like art. So I reached out to artists whom I had a strong connection with their work and co-developped our first collection Utsana, which means strength, power.

Artist & Design:

Our first collection Utsana is design in collaboration with Laura Deleuze, a french artist who specialises in curves & vibrant colours. At the heart of her work, there is always a defined aesthetic as well as a search for meaning. Women are her biggest inspiration. She likes to depict female forms. Her artwork is all roundness and femininity.

Together in collaboration, we bring you:

Syadana - Flowing, Air, Wind, Water

Marjara - From Marjaryasana, which warms up the body and brings flexibility to the spine

Tadasana - Mountain pose, which helps create space within the body


Our beautiful towels are:

  • soft suede-like - feel great on your body & offer great support 1.5mm
  • moisture-activated grip - high performance non-slip technology
  • ultra absorbent - get sweaty with our double layer technology
  • sand repellent - perfect for beach and outdoors practice
  • compact & lightweight - perfect for travel
  • made to fit perfectly on your mat or use as a travel mat - (26" x 71" or 180 x 66cm)
  • anti-bacterial easy clean: machine wash - the more you wash the prettier the colors
  • quick-dry


Marjara, Midnight blue, Tadasana, Orissa