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LHAMOUR - Body Oil - Cool Breeze (250 mls) Glass Bottle

LHAMOUR - Body Oil - Cool Breeze (250 mls) Glass Bottle

$350.00 $0.00

Zerowaste - body care

This body oil is great for people who regularly exercise as it assists with tired muscles. The fresh minty aroma awakens the mind and stimulates circulation and is perfect as an every day moisturiser or for massage therapy.

For external use only.

This package includes 250 mls of body oil, please use within 2 years from the production date.

INGREDIENTS: Soybean oil, thyme oil, оlive oil, ginger, mint essential oil, lavender essential oil & vitamin Е.


潤膚油 — 清爽潤膚油 這款潤膚油有助紓緩肌肉疲勞,適合好動的您。清新薄荷香氣讓精神煥發,刺激血液循環,可作日常保濕或按摩油使用。



成分: 大豆油、百里香油、橄欖油、薑、薄荷精油、薰衣草精油和維他命Е。

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