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LHAMOUR - Body oil - Sensitive skin (250 mls) glass bottle

LHAMOUR - Body oil - Sensitive skin (250 mls) glass bottle

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Zero waste - health & bodycare

This is a lightweight blend that contains sweet almond oil, olive oil, soybean oil and lavender essential oils that smell as divine as they sound. When applied onto your skin before going to bed at night, it helps hold in your skins natural moisture, preventing it from drying out. Alternatively, leave your skin a little damp after showering and massage a small amount of this body oil into your skin. Perfect as an every day moisturizer or for massage therapy.

For external use only.

This package includes 250 mls of body oil, please use within 2 years from the production date.

INGREDIENTS: Soybean oil, almond oil, ginger, olive oil, vitamin Е, sea buckthorn oil & lavender essential oil.


潤膚油 — 敏感皮膚 這款輕盈潤膚油蘊含香甜的杏仁油、橄欖油、大豆油和薰衣草精油,香氣怡人。睡前塗在肌膚之上有助保持皮膚的天然水分、預防乾燥。您亦可在沐浴後皮膚仍然濕潤時塗上少量潤膚油,按摩至皮膚吸收。可作日常保濕或按摩油使用。



成分: 大豆油、杏仁油、薑、橄欖油、維他命E、沙棘油和薰衣草精油。

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