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Organic Tea - BULK 有機茶葉

Organic Tea - BULK 有機茶葉

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Drinks - tea
  • Organic Earl Grey from Sri Lanka 有機格雷伯爵茶(斯里蘭卡)

  • Organic Darjeeling from India 有機大吉嶺茶 (印度)

  • Organic Damascus Rose from Morocco 有機大馬士革玫瑰(摩洛哥)

  • Organic Rooibos from South Africa (Aids sleep and skin disease and allergies, reduces fat accumulation, aids bowel movement and detox, safeguards heart health; suitable for people concerned with blood sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure.) 有機南非國寶茶(助改善睡眠、皮膚與過敏症、減少脂肪積聚、通便排毒、保護心臟;也適合關注血糖、膽固醇、血壓及血脂人士使用。)

  • Organic Hyssop Flowers and Whole Leaves  from France (Aids coughs and phlegm, rids the body of excess humidity; avoid over-consumption.) 有機神香草花茶(法國)- 止咳化痰、清熱利濕 *避免過度食用*

  • Organic Calendula Flower Tea from Moldova 有機萬壽菊花茶(摩爾多瓦,位於羅馬尼亞)

  • Organic Bractee Linden Flower Tea from France (Better sleep, avoid over-consumption.) 有機菩提樹花茶(法國)鎮靜安睡 *避免過度食用* 

  • Organic Lemon Verbena Leaves from Portugal 有機檸檬馬鞭草茶(葡萄牙)

  • Organic Green Sencha from China 有機煎茶(中國)

BULKDairy freeEgg freeNaturally gluten freeNo added saltno added sugarNo G.M.ONuts freeorganicshop2TeaVegan

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