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Sistema - 400ml Rectangular Green Fresh 400毫升長方形綠邊盒子

Sistema - 400ml Rectangular Green Fresh 400毫升長方形綠邊盒子


Zerowaste - containers


Leading the world with Phthalate and BPA free plastics, Sistema, hailing from New Zealand, manufactures high quality containers that are safe for you and your family.

Sistema 來自一個無污染的地方 - 新西蘭 ! 
對現今注重健康的大家, 無需再受 “BPA("雙酚A)" 及其有害物質影響。



400ml Rectangular Green Fresh  400毫升長方形綠邊盒子


Capacity 容量: 400ml 毫升 / 13.53oz 安士 / 1.69cups 杯

Length 長度: 115mm 毫米/ 4.53in 吋

Width 闊度: 90mm 毫米 / 3.54in 吋

Height 高度: 80mm 毫米 / 3.15in 吋

Features 產品特徵

The modular stacking shapes of Sistema's FRESH™ Rectangle range ensures the most efficient use of space in the fridge, freezer and pantry. Food stays fresher for longer with Sistema's patented easy locking clips.

FRESH™ 可堆疊長方形系列能助你善用雪櫃、冰箱和廚房的空間,專利鎖定夾令食品存放更新鮮、更久。

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