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Soap from Marseille - Original 300 grams  原味馬賽皂300克

Soap from Marseille - Original 300 grams 原味馬賽皂300克

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Savon de Marseille has been hand-crafted in the South of France with only pure ingredients and time-tested techniques passed down through generations of master soap-makers. Authentic Marseille Soap contains at least 72% vegetable oil and no synthetics or detergents. Legend has it many French models refuse to use anything but Savon de Marseille on their pretty faces. 

馬賽皂(Savon de Marseille)是以世世代代肥皂師傳承下來的技術,用純淨的成分,在法國南部手工製作而成的。 正宗的馬賽皂含有至少72%的植物油,沒有合成物質或洗滌劑。聞說,許多法國模特兒除了馬賽皂以外,絕不會用其他肥皂洗面!

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