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Soaper Delight - Laundry Soap (Travel Size) 【家事洗衣皂】恤衫領口去污跡 (旅行裝)

Soaper Delight - Laundry Soap (Travel Size) 【家事洗衣皂】恤衫領口去污跡 (旅行裝)


Zerowaste - health & bodycare
Soaper Delight
家事洗衣皂 清洗頑強污跡:恤衫領口污跡, BB衫, 個人内衣寶貝的衣服,最貼近嫩嫩肌膚,怎能經得起熒光劑 起泡劑 乳化劑 增稠劑 n多的化學添加哦?!
洗衣皂去污力强;冷製肥皂 含天然甘油 清潔同時不傷手;無化學添加 用的安心 ;植物精油清香 給予清新純潔的呵護!

Adopt to use natural laundry soap, the process becomes a wonderful way to reduce one's carbon footprint. Perfect for those looking for an alternative to harsh detergent and/or have sensitive skin!
Our laundry soaps are now in CUBE shape. The high % in FT organic coconut oil as the main ingredient, makes it lathering up extremely well. We love this cube that removes cloth-stain, tackle stubborn kitchen stain and use it for dish-washing everyday. Truly multi-duty !!

Fair trade Organic Coconut oil, Rice bran oil, Castor oil, Soybean oil, Lye , Sweet Potato Starch, Baking soda, Kaolin clay, Lemongrass essential oil. 公平貿易有機椰子油,米糠油,蓖蔴油,大豆油,鹼液,番薯粉,食用小蘇打,高嶺土,檸檬草精油。

- CAUTION 特別注意 -
無防腐劑,開封后請儘快使用。產品置放于陰涼處,避免陽光照射。Keep in a cool, dry location.

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