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Superbee Beeginner Set (3pc) 初學者蜂蠟布三件套裝

Superbee Beeginner Set (3pc) 初學者蜂蠟布三件套裝


Zerowaste - beeswax food wrap

The eco-friendly solution to get rid of plastic wraps and start your plastic-free lifestyle ! Superbee Beeginner set is perfect for you. The wax wraps are reusable, water-resistant. It can be shaped into different forms and cover your food in a tight seal. It is ideal for leftover vegetables, mason jars, wrapping snacks and sandwiches. For the large wraps, you can cover most of the bowls and containers, and even fruits as large as cutted watermelons !  Superbee Beeginner set is easy to use and a great help in your kitchen and daily life. The Beeginner set includes 3 different sized beeswax wraps in many different beautiful patterns. All you have to do is wrap it, wash it and re-use it. 

Wash it with gentle soap and cold to lukewarm water after you use it and let it dry. 

You can reuse it again and again. Superbee beeswax wrap is a natural alternative to cling film and tin foil for food storage.

Handmade from:

100% Organic GOTS certified Cotton


Tree Resin

Organic Coconut Oil

Quantity & Size:

1 x S 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 in)

1 x M 26 x 26 cm (10 x 10 in)

1 x L 33 x 33 cm (13 x 13 in)

 For the color or pattern choices, it changes all the time based on availability. If you would like to know what pattern is available currently, please contact us and we will send you the picture. Otherwise, we will send out the pattern randomly.


Superbee 初學者蜂蠟布三件套裝

最環保的方法去棄用保鮮紙,並開始你的走塑生活! Superbee初學者套裝非常適合您。

蜂蠟布可重複使用和抗水。它可以塑造成不同的形狀,並以密封的方式覆蓋食物。它適合用於剩餘的蔬菜、玻璃瓶、零食和三明治。您可以使用大蜂蠟布蓋住大多數的碗和容器,甚至是已經切了一半的西瓜。 Superbee初學者套裝易於使用,家中廚房和日常生活的好幫手。套裝包括3種不同大小的蜂蠟布,並有不同的圖案。您需要做的就是將其包好,清洗並重新使用。


您可以一次又一次地重用它。 Superbee蜂蠟布是保鮮膜和錫箔紙的天然替代品。









1 x S 20 x 20厘米(8 x 8英寸)

1 x M 26 x 26厘米(10 x 10英寸)

1 x L 33 x 33厘米(13 x 13英寸)



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